Introducing AVATA Network Discover The Uniqueness Of AVAT Token And ACO

AVATA Network is a launchpad & Defi platform based on Avalanche C-Chain that empowers the Avalanche community and its native projects through exciting features fueled by multi-reward native tokens.

In addition to providing high opportunities for investors and partners through the IDO AVATALAUNCH platform, the development team has incorporated brand new DeFi solutions such as:

➣ AVATASWAP: a swap exchange with value-added features.
➣ AVATALEND: a lending protocol to execute your DeFi strategy.
➣ AVATALEASE: an internal platform for renting your AVAT tokens or its LPs.

In short – AVATA Network is a comprehensive ecosystem designed with the network in mind to benefit all users.

The core values ​​of AVATA committed by them include:

➣ For the community: fairness, high-value investment opportunities, transparency, and community comes first.
➣ For Projects: comprehensive support for projects, community-specific rewards for participating in the ecosystem, cost-effectiveness, and organic community building through ACO

AVATA Network


The problem is that most launchpad platforms today require staking to be tied to a specific IDO. This will not only lose flexibility – but also LIMIT the economic potential of the token.

AVATA Network has taken a new approach, overcoming those shortcomings and enhancing the potential of the token through unique unique mechanisms:

1. SuperPool — earn your guaranteed IDO allocation & increase your AVAT holding AT THE SAME TIME! The pool grants you a daily double-reward in a form of:

➤  Guaranteed IDO allocation (via iAVAT)
➤  Yield (AVAT).

iAVAT is free to spend to claim your allocation in any upcoming IDO – whenever you want. More appealing is that – while making a claim – your AVAT in the SuperPool remains untouched and continues to “work hard” to increase your AVAT holdings through pooling. The longer you stake – the POWERFUL your position in the pool!

2. NFT Allocation – once earned, the legal NFT allocation is yours. Therefore, like any other economic good – you should have flexibility in using them – or provide opportunities to others based on a mutually agreed upon price. You are free to put all or part of the NFT in your allocation and sell it on the open market.

3. Tier – although iAVAT is rewarded based on rank, if staked for enough time, those in the lower tier will have the same chance of accumulating iAVAT as those in the higher tier.


II. AVAT Tokenomics

With the AVATA Network and $AVAT token launching soon, here’s the essential information you need to know:

1.Token information

Ticker: $AVAT
Type: ERC-20
Chain: Avalanche C-Chain
Total supply: 100,000,000 $AVAT
Initial Market Cap: $705,000
Estimated Initial Cycle. Supply: 4,000,000 (%4)*

2. $AVAT core features

What’s special about $AVAT is that it’s designed to be worth holding even if you’re not in an IDO.

Earn guaranteed IDO allocation & yields AT THE SAM TIMEEarn $AVAXGovernance Buyback-and-burn from staking feesBuyback-and-burn after every IDO $AVAT & $AVAT LP token holders can lease out their tokens through an internal lease-market
The lease market is set to launch on the next upcoming phase.

Special features of $AVAT:

⧫ Earn double rewards from one-sided staking: Holders can claim guaranteed IDO Allocation while simultaneously continuing to compound their AVAT holdings daily.
⧫ Earn AVAX (after AVATASWAP is active)

Decaying emissions model (Community Reward) reduces AVAT emissions per second every month.

3. Distribution

Allocation % Price Fully Diluted Valuation
Seed 10% $0.075 $7,500,000
Private Round 11% $0.10 $10,000,000
Public Round 1% $0.15 $15,000,000
Liquidity 3%

Refer next page for vesting details

Marketing & Partnership 10%
Community Reward 40%
Team & Advisors 20%
Innovation Fund 5%
Allocation Vesting
Seed 15% unlock at TGE, then linear vesting over 4 months
Private Round 20% unlock at TGE, then linear vesting over 4 months
Public Round 100% unlock at TGE
Liquidity 100% unlock at TGE
Marketing & Partnership 4 months cliff, then linear vesting for over 12 months
Community Rewards Distribution starts with the launch of SuperPool – decaying emission model over 36 months
Team & Advisors 6 months cliff, then linear vesting over 12 months
Innovation Fund 6 months cliff, then linear vesting over 24 months

4. $AVAT Emission Chart

AVATA Network

40% of $AVAT supply (Community Reward) *

• Emission is on a per-second basis decaying model across 36 months. (Meaning the released amount per second will reduce every month)

• Distribution will happen through the following: SuperPool & Liquidity Mining Pools

60% of $AVAT supply (other allocations) **

• Can only be minted according to the preset schedule as per Tokenomics.

• For marketing & innovation allocation — even when the schedule has allowed for its minting — it would only happen IF the allocations are needed. Otherwise — it will sit in the unminted blockchain.

II. More Information about SuperPool

AVATA Network

1. What is SuperPool?

SuperPool is a single-sided staking pool — which means it does not require you to provide liquidity to stake on it. Moreover, it gives double-reward daily! This is a great mechanism of AVATALAUNCH. It has huge benefits for token holders.

SuperPool is a single-sided staking pool — which means it does not require you to provide liquidity to stake on it. Moreover, it gives double-reward daily!

➧ $AVAT — as a profit bonus that increases your $AVAT holdings.

➧  iAVAT — guaranteed IDO allocation rewards work like tickets

Mechanism of SuperPool

➼ Accepted tokens: only $AVAT or L-AVAT*.

➼ Minimum amount: to be revealed before launch

➼ Maturity time per share: 45 days

➼ Early Cancellation: Impossible

➼ Rules and methods of harvesting:
– $AVAT – can be harvested after 45 days by getting it to your wallet. If you leave them in the pool, the compounding will continue to work as it should.
– iAVAT – can be harvested after 24 hours by sending it to any IDO allocation pool of your choice (any amount can be collected as long as it does not exceed your reward balance) 

Advantages & Key Benefits of SuperPool

AVATA’s new approach offers significant FLEXIBILITY & CONVENIENCE through SuperPool & iAVAT:

■ Your Staking is NOT tied to any particular IDO! Similar to tickets – you can use iAVAT to request an allocation in any IDO, for any amount – completely freely. If there’s more than one IDO coming up, you can distribute your iAVAT between allocation pools – depending on the project you want to earn the most allocations for.

■ Although iAVAT rewards are tier-based, given enough time, those ranked at the lower tier have the same chance of accumulating as those at the higher tier.

■ Requesting IDO allocation through iAVAT does not affect your staking activity in SuperPool. You will continue to earn the daily double bonus – until you decide to cancel the bonus (after the maturity period). Even withdrawing your bets from SuperPool will NOT affect your iAVAT ownership and utility – as you have committed to the staking rules and earned them rightfully!

■ SuperPool keeps your $AVAT active by automatically adding daily earnings back to your stake – thus increasing your rule in the pool daily. This mechanism not only makes your returns work – but also strengthens your position in the pool as time goes on!

2. SuperPool Reward System

■ 40% of the total $AVAT provided to Community Rewards. The smart contract will distribute this for 36 months via SuperPool & Liquidity Mining Pools (AVATASWAP).

■ The $AVAT is released on a per-second basis — monthly- decaying emission model. (meaning the emission of $AVAT per second will combat reduce monthly).

■ The development team will assign different pool weights from time to time, depending on the market situation.

More importantly, the developer will offer a special emission rate for the first 14 days – starting from the launch of SuperPool. The contract will generate a generous amount of AVAT coins every second – giving early bettors a ONLY once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Emissions will be significantly reduced and on track after these 14 days are over. DO NOT MISS IT!

Understanding the fundamentals of $AVAT

$AVAT was created with the goal of enhancing community benefits and future value. Its design platform sets it apart from other launch tokens – making it the “top element” of a vibrant ecosystem, allowing you to capture value – even if you missed the events IDO!

You don’t have to join IDO as you can always choose between making a profit, monetizing your allocation or even earning AVAX. All you need to do is – plan your strategy! Is it attractive?

How to calculate $AVAT


The total daily $AVAT deposited into the SuperPool will be shared proportionally between the total $AVAT deposited for the day.


Day: 01
Total $AVAT emitted into SuperPool for day 01: 5,000 $AVAT
Total $AVAT staked in SuperPool for day 01: 25,000 $AVAT
Prorated calculation: 5,000/25,000 = 0.2
$AVAT reward for day 01: 0.2 $AVAT per $AVAT staked
Your staking amount for day 01: 2,000 $AVAT
Your staking reward for day 01: 400 $AVAT (0.2 x 2,000)
Day: 02
Day: 01
Total $AVAT emitted into SuperPool for day 01: 5,000 $AVAT
Total $AVAT staked in SuperPool for day 01: 25,000 $AVAT
Prorated calculation: 5,000/25.00

How to calculate iAVAT


Tier-based that defines the rate of iAVAT reward — to be given for every $AVAT staked.

► The amount of your $AVAT in SuperPool will determine two things:
1. Your tier — it defines your iAVAT reward rate.
2. The amount of iAVAT reward you will earn.

Your iAVAT reward rate (tier) X your $AVAT amount in SuperPool = your iAVAT reward.

► Since your $AVAT amount will increase daily due to the compounding — so does the amount of iAVAT you earn — it increases daily!

► If the compounding has increased your $AVAT amount to a higher tier — your iAVAT reward rate follows accordingly!

* NOTE: The tier values in the following example are fictional — but the method is ACTUAL. We will disclose the official tier values before the launching of SuperPool.

$AVAT amount in SuperPool : iAVAT reward per $AVAT.

0–1,000 : 1
1,001–3,000 : 1.1
3,001–7,000 : 1.2
7,001–10,000 : 1.3
10,001–15,000 : 1.4
15,001–20,000 : 1.7
20,001–50,000 : 2
>50,001 : 2.5


III. AVATAN Chance Offering – ACO

AVATA Network

ACO is a new concept in the launchpad industry. Here is a way to get the allocation IDO without going through the SuperPool. It is open to everyone in the AVATA community, whether they hold a little or a lot of $AVAT.

The purpose of the ACO is to:

The aims are:

▷ To maximize the relationship between the AVATA Network and its community.

▷ Take advantage of the often-overlooked market (community members don’t bet) by implementing a process that leads to a win-win situation between the AVATA Network and its participants.

▷ Provide an opportunity for guaranteed attribution members to earn additional allocations.

At first glance, this seems like a risky decision to allow non-staking community members to invest in IDO through ACO. However – the developer promises that they have calculated and paid carefully in advance and they promise that they will not cause any impact on the token holders!

▷ While ACO participants are not required to participate in the SuperPool, they must contribute value to the AVATA ecosystem by performing a series of enhancement tasks prior to each IDO.

▷ Winners are selected through a draw system.

▷ Most importantly – ACO allocations are limited – and WILL NOT affect the market position of $AVAT.

Ultimately, ACO will not only help strengthen the community before every IDO event – it will also fuel every IDO campaign.

With the above information, we hope you have enough knowledge to join the fascinating community of AVATA. 

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