Introducing: Kyte x Pangolin Super Farm

Earn double rewards in $KTE and $PNG

You can now farm KTE-AVAX LPs and earn double rewards in $KTE + $PNG on your deposited funds in the KTE-AVAX Super Farm!

A Suite of Apps Built for Blockchain

Kyte is building a suite of gamified, fun Defi applications. Each app is being developed to target specific problems in the blockchain world. Some of these products include a growth hacking and bot battle platform.

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Their flagship product AirLyft is a multi-featured growth hacking platform. AirLyft enables startups to organize and run customized events, distribute rewards on-chain & boost their project instantaneously.

When an event is done, their app will pull dynamic engagement from your community, excluding BOTS & reward them in $KTE or your native tokens.
Providing a seamless experience, whether it be Airdrops, Giveaways, Quizzes, or Competitions.

AirLyft is built for:

  • Startups wanting to efficiently market their projects and have dynamic engagement with the community
  • Community Members wishing to take part in promising projects
  • KOLs & Influencers wanting to promote projects
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$KTE is their native token and recently was released on 4 different launchpads. $KTE will be required to subscribe to AirLyft. Subscribers can either hold KTE to access AirLyft’s services or borrow its utility from existing holders.

You can also use their utility token (uKTE). uKTE is a transferrable, fungible token that represents the proof of hold that is required to access the features of the platform. uKTE cannot be spent, can only be used within the Kyte ecosystem.

Learn more about $KTE tokenomics.

Create $KTE — $AVAX LP & join their Super Farm.

Learn more about Kyte:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

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