Investing in Bitcoin Makes You More Attractive: Survey

Can investing in cryptocurrency boost your dating profile? A recent survey from CryptoVantage suggests that investing in the novel asset class – especially Bitcoin – can boost your attractiveness. 

Bitcoin: Popular With the Ladies?

According to the survey published on Wednesday, those who invest in crypto are perceived as wealthier, smarter, and more attractive than no-coiners. 

Specifically, about 50% of women think crypto investors are more attractive than noninvestors. Meanwhile, 40% of men believe crypto investors are smarter than their counterparts. Many also shared this opinion regarding investors’ intellect, and perceptions of their wealth. 

Of all top cryptocurrencies available right now, Bitcoin was found to boost investor attractiveness the most. 

Crypto investors appear even more successful on dating apps. 76% of survey respondents said they’d be more likely to ‘swipe right’ (match) on contenders mentioning crypto investing in their profile. LGBTQ people were 10x more likely to swipe right, while their straight counterparts wers 6x as likely.

Crypto is also growing as a means for paying the tab on a date. 37% of respondents said they had paid in crypto before, while 31% said their date has paid that way in the past. 

Apparently, 74% of women were likely to greenlight a second date if their partner used crypto in this manner. Similarly, a study reported by CNBC in February stated that 33% of Americans were more likely to date a crypto holder. 

However, securing the first date may be difficult. 60% of respondents also said they’d been targeted by crypto scammers on dating apps, making “crypto investor” a bit of a red flag to find in someone’s profile. 

Furthermore, feelings around users with NFT profile pictures were a bit more mixed, depending on age group. Whereas Gen Z viewed people using such pictures as “wealthy” and “powerful,” millennials saw them as “annoying” and “arrogant.”

Women were twice as likely as men to unfollow people with an NFT profile pic, with 1 in 4 saying they’d refuse to date them.

Crypto’s Impact on Relationships

Interestingly, crypto investors in relationships reported greater relationship and sex satisfaction than non-investors. 

But there’s a catch. 69% of crypto investors said they’d seen their relationships end over their crypto investments. 42% of those surveyed claimed they’d dumped someone over crypto in the past, while 26% said they’d been dumped themselves.


The study surveyed 1002 Americans across various age groups, with a roughly even split between men and women. However, 93% of respondents were already crypto / NFT investors, which is over representative of the general population. 

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