It Gets Worse: Celsius Email List Leaked to Third-Party


Bankrupt crypto-lender Celsius sent an email to customers on Thursday revealing that their emails were leaked in a data breach. The company claimed this doesn’t present any high risk to their clients, but informed them as a matter of communication.

  • In the email shared by ZeroHedge, Celsius said that it was informed of the leak by The company serves as Celsius’ vendor and functions as an automated messaging platform for sending data-driven marketing emails. 
  • The vendor said that one of its employees accessed a list of Celsius client emails, before transferring them to a third party.
  • Celsius stated that it’s been in “active communication” with, and that no data has been compromised besides those specific email addresses.
  • The breach follows a similar incident at BlockchainCom, where client emails were leaked by its email partner SendGrid. The firm said that a Twilio employee’s account was compromised, letting them access the exchange’s email list. 
  • After BlockchainCom’s hack, many customers were sent fraudulent phishing emails by parties posing as the company.
  • Both Celsius and BlockchainCom were damaged by the onset of the crypto bear market in June. Celsius was forced to freeze withdrawals and file for bankruptcy. Meanwhile, BlockchainCom has been left waiting to liquidate $250 million from the now defunct Three Arrows Capital.
  • Prior to its chapter 11 filing, Celsius made a hasty effort to pay back its defi loans on Maker and Aave. This allowed it to reclaim significant asset collateral, which helped bolster the look of its balance sheet.
  • Celsius’s CFO filed his resignation from the company just two weeks after it had initially paused withdrawals. The firm now seeks to retain him as an advisor heading into bankruptcy proceedings.
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