Last update about Craftable and Agreement details with Terra Foundation

Hi everyone, since TaleCraft is getting closer to the launch of Craftable, they did not want to make you unaware what TaleCraft team facing these days and what is going to happen in the future. First of all, as you know, they went to the Avalanche Summit and had a really beneficial conversations among all the people in there and had a meeting with Terra Foundation about possible UST pool at Craftable, to make a joint force between Luna and Craft. While the talks proceeding, they bought UST for their pool from TaleCraft treasury. Unfortunately, with the latest occurrence on Terra Foundation and Luna, they had a significant amount of loss due to UST price. In their business model, their team was working with a monthly salary plan and they decided to find a way through that. Last night, after a long meeting, TaleCraft team concluded that some team members are going to donate their future salaries to the pool, just to express their commitment to amazing TaleCraft community. Craftable will be open after the audit about security issues have finished, and the funds will be sent to the pool directly. The team is facing really tough days, but they are aware of the fact that TaleCraft team and Community; and the AVAX family are stronger together. Thanks for your understanding and being with us in the way.


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