Lazy Horse Race Club Launches on Cronos!

The Lazy Horse Race Club is a multifaceted project that connects a metaverse horse racing world with a real-life racing team via the Lazy Horse NFT on the Cronos chain. Club members hold access to a variety of utility and benefits while also supporting the Club’s mission of providing our horses post-racing career care, rehabilitation, and community impact.  


The project roadmap possesses a full timeline of deliverable items to the community within the first 2 quarters of 2022. On January 2, 2022, the Lazy Horse Founding Member Collection (HORSE) was successfully minted and launched. Each of these holders received an airdrop of LHRC tokens on January 9, 2022. The real-life racing club team reveal began with the introduction of Midnight Nightmare and Top Brass on January 8, 2022. Racing Team reveal will continue through the end of January. Our horses are set to start running this season beginning at Delta Downs in Louisiana at the end of January. All races will be live streamed for Club members to enjoy.

The final Lazy Horse mint is scheduled for Friday, January 21st at 7 pm EST on Ebisu’s Bay, our exclusive NFT marketplace partner. There are 8,000 Club member Lazy Horse NFT that will be minted. These will be deployed as a separate collection and smart contract than the genesis Founding Member Lazy Horses (HORSE). After this mint, there will be no more Lazy Horses ever minted.

Lazy Horse Racing World

The Lazy Horse Racing World, a strategy steeped play-to-earn game inside of the metaverse will be launched on May 7, 2022, at the Kentucky Derby.  Lazy Horse Race Club will be sponsoring a Club party for any members that would like to attend.  Upon release, users will be able to start racing and breeding their Lazy Horses. Please see the in-game guide and whitepaper to fully understand how each Lazy Horse functions in the game environment. In addition to racing and breeding, users will have the ability to sell offspring, receive stud fees and lease out their horse to other racers.  


Lazy Horse Race Club has established a strong and growing community that welcomes all. Community members keep a 24/7 Twitter Space, Blue Chip Stables, open and running for all to join. The strength of Lazy Horse Race Club is in the strength of our community. We all go further together. Updates are provided by the team every night at 9 pm EST and all are invited to join and ask a lot of questions. 

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