Love to Earn? Try Phemex’s New Campaign on Valentine’s Day

Phemex, an efficient crypto exchange, is all geared up to spread the love this Valentine’s Day and shower all new and existing users with love and Bitcoins. New users at Phemex will have to follow campaign actions and register to get free cryptocurrencies. Users who register during this week will enjoy additional returns from the platform’s Earn Crypto management product and get access to 1 BTC of trial funds.

What is Phemex offering? 

Phemex has announced an exciting Valentine’s Day campaign – “Will You Be My Phementine?” Anyone who registers at the platform and completes the tasks gets 1 Bitcoin credited as trial funds to spend it in a 7-Day Fixed Bitcoin account from Phemex Earn Crypto. 

What makes this a distinctive Valentine’s Day campaign?

The 1 BTC trial fund comes with an expiry and will vanish when the campaign ends, but the users will get to cash out and keep the interests earned from these trial funds. A special guide has been provided for all new Phemex users, available any time.

New users will get $100 as a welcome bonus when their account is created.

When will the campaign take place?  

The Phemex campaign will start on the 14th February 2022 and end on the 2nd April 2022. The campaign will be divided into 3 subsequent stages. 

The first stage starts on the 14th February 2022 and ends on the 7th March 2022. The second stage involves the announcement of the winner, which will begin on the 14th March 2022. The final stage involving the prize distribution will start on the 2nd April 2022.

Important Instructions & Rules

The campaign has many simple rules that must be fulfilled while registering at the platform for the campaign. Users should follow campaign actions provided on the announcement section to take part in this exciting event – 

  • Registered members with only one account are eligible to take part. If several accounts with identical UIDs are detected, the offending accounts will be subject to disqualification.
  • Only those who register at the platform using the “Register now on Phemex” tab will be eligible for this campaign.
  • All new users must submit a valid UID identical to the registered email address to receive incentives. 
  • Profits via market manipulation, batch account registration, wash transactions, or self-dealing will lead to disqualification. 
  • During this competition, only the main Phemex accounts will be permitted. All sub-accounts will be eliminated.
  • Users from the mentioned restricted countries will not be allowed to participate in the campaign or get any bonuses – India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Philippines, Vietnam, and Pakistan. 
  • Phemex will notify all the winners via email sent from [email protected] by the 14th of March 2022. The platform will start giving out the awards from the 2nd of April 2022. 
  • Phemex holds the ultimate right to make all binding and final changes to the above regulations at any point in time.

What else to learn about Phemex?  

Phemex is a cryptocurrency exchange launched to empower crypto investors and traders by providing transparent and practical risk management. Phemex ensures that every trader receives an equal opportunity and offers efficient trading tools. The platform is frequently optimized and offers various campaigns that bring users pleasure and delight while trading. 

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