Market Analysis Report (10 May 2022)

The Luna Foundation Guard, the custodian of Terra’s Bitcoin reserves, has deployed 28,205 BTC to defend the peg of the protocol’s UST stablecoin, which saw its value plunge to a $0.61 low amid ongoing market turmoil.

The funds are set to provide liquidity on exchanges and led to a modest recovery in UST’s price, which surged from its $0.61 low to $0.94 before falling again. At the time of writing, the stablecoin is trading at $0.888.

The price of the flagship cryptocurrency tanked around 10% on Monday alone as UST’s believers and detractors alike pondered how much the Luna Foundation Guard’s deployment exacerbated the ongoing bitcoin sell-off.

The stablecoin lost its peg after more than $500 million was sold by large investors on Terra’s leading savings protocol Anchor, which offers rates near to 20% for those depositing UST. 75% of circulating UST was deposited to Anchor last week, but deposits on the platform have now plunged from $14 billion to around $7 billion.

The price of LUNA, a token used to maintain UST’s peg by allowing traders to swap $1 worth of UST for $1 of LUNA, plunged by around 40% and is now trading at $30. The cryptocurrency hit an all-time high near $120 in early April.