Market Analysis Report (14 Feb 2022)

Super Bowl LVI was a face-off between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams on the field, and between major cryptocurrency exchanges off of it. FTX, Coinbase, and all advertised during the event, competing for viewers’ attention.

Both FTX and Coinbase committed to giving away free cryptocurrency through their ads, with the latter airing a minute-long bouncing QR code across the screen that invited viewers to participate in a large giveaway with over $100 million in incentives.

The ad got Coinbase trending on social media shortly after it aired, and was so popular the Nasdaq-listed exchange was forced to throttle traffic after reporting “more traffic than we’ve ever encountered.”

FTX’s ad featured comedian Larry David and  took viewers through history’s greatest inventions, with Larry turning down the ideas as innovative. When he’s introduced to FTX he says: “I don’t think so. And I’m never wrong about this stuff.” FTX is giving away 7.54 BTC as part of its campaign.’s Super Bowl ad took LeBron James back to 2003. In a teenage James’ bedroom, he has a conversation with his younger self, where he wonders whether he’s ready for the league. An older James says that if he wants to make history he has to “call your own shots,” before ending with the “Fortune Favors the Brave” slogan.

eToro’s Super Bowl ad shows a person creating a post on eToro looking for opinions on where to start on crypto and stocks. It leads to him joining an online community of millions that share ideas about the markets.