Market Analysis Report (19 May 2022)

Ultimate Battle Arena, the first NFT game of Ulti Arena, is a trading card game and MOBA-inspired universe in the Polygon Network where anyone can earn its in-game currency, Benders of Valor Tokens (or $BOV), through skilled gameplay. It’s a digital collection where players can battle, collect, modify and fuse their Ultimates. Each Ultimate possesses a different set of characteristics that determine their role in the battle. 

Ultimates are non-fungible tokens (NFT). They are unique and owned by the user, validated through the blockchain, and their value can be appreciated or depreciated based on the marketplace. Since Ultimates are tokens on a blockchain, they can be bought, sold, or transferred digitally, with a guarantee of ownership. Ultimates have an infinite number of copies on the Marketplace. Each copy has distinct stats stored in a smart contract.

$BOV tokens will be used to fuse, reroll, and level up cards in the game, and are consequently burned. The supply is limited to 1,300,000,000 $BOV, without minting function. 

Ultimate Battle Arena is a product of Ulti Arena, a community that aims to become the center for all things gaming by providing white-label solutions for GameFi, in partnership with Frag Games. The Ulti Arena community is currently doing a closed beta test of the game with the full game launch scheduled in July 2022. 

Benders of Valor has recently launched for trading in Uniswap Polygon on USDT-BOV trading pair! The token will be listed for trading in CEXs soon. 

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