Meet the US Senatorial candidate who wants to make BTC legal tender

  • Bruce Fenton believes Bitcoiners are in the best position to build a new world of freedom.
  • Fenton is running for Senate to push this legislation forward.

New Hampshire senatorial hopeful and BTC bull, Bruce Fenton, believes that the best way Bitcoiners can make any meaningful change to the current system is to infiltrate it legally and do it from the inside. Fenton shared these insights and more during a recent interview with Scott Melker. Melker is the host of the wolf of all street podcast.

Proposing BTC as a legal tender

If elected, Fenton said he would be willing to propose Bitcoin as legal tender in the United States. When Melker asked him whether he expected a low level of success with his proposal, Fenton said yes. However, he added that the world has changed from what it used to be pre-2019. Hence, he believes that he might achieve a high expectation of success and get his proposal into a bill in less than two years.

From what I understand, it’s pretty hard to get bills forward and stuff. But the world’s changing very rapidly.

He further said, “the playbook that many people are operating on from 2019 and earlier is gone. So anything is not out of the realm of possibility” Fenton also believes that the way things work globally changes every 100 or 400 years. Hence, that change is what is currently happening in the world right now.

The government’s involvement in BTC should be purely regulatory – Fenton

Fenton further shared his opinion on the involvement of the government in BTC. He said the best way the government can get involved in BTC is to break down any barrier, whether it’s regulatory or otherwise, that enables the citizens to trade digital assets freely.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say the government should buy it for their balance sheet. Ideally, governments wouldn’t even have a balance sheet. It would be all the people.” He added, “so, if a government can encourage their people to do it. Better yet, break down any barriers, regulatory or otherwise; I think that’s an even bigger victory.”

Fenton’s crypto advocacy isn’t new

Fenton’s campaign premise is similar to that of 2020 presidential hopeful, Andrew Yang. During his campaign two years ago, the main basis of Yang’s campaign promise was to have a uniform crypto regulatory policy across the country.

Yang further said he would work towards having a clear set of rules for crypto players. Unfortunately, Yang would later suspend his presidential campaign. He stated that he was suspending his campaign after running the numbers and discovering that he couldn’t win.

Fenton and Yang are among a few pro-crypto politicians. Like Yang, Fento wants Bitcoiners like himself to build a new world and decide what it will look like. Fenton believes that this world is possible once there is a separation between money and state, the same way there is the separation between church and state.

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