Metaguild Partners with SHRAPNEL

The moon had fractured, and the world was forever changed.

The collision of Asteroid 38 Sigma sent lunar shards spiraling toward Earth. They gouged a devastating ring around our planet, and the Sacrifice Zone was born veiling the once familiar night sky with an oppressive skyscape. The area is left uninhabitable and walled off from the rest of the world. Left in the dark, the world speculates about what is being uncovered by the teams of paramilitary contractors guarding The Zone.

Altering the sky and wreaking havoc on the landscape, the damage was catastrophic but came with the discovery of Compound Sigma. A material of unknown properties and untold value that challenges the very laws of physics, it remains a prize for those willing to brave the Sacrifice Zone — one worth fighting for, one that will be at the heart of the race to become the next global superpower. Nations and corporations have begun assembling their own Mercenary Extraction Forces, or MEFs, to venture into The Zone.

Headlong into hardcore conflicts

First-person shooters remain one of the most popular genres in games for good reason. They’re exciting, tactical, and the individual perspective is very immersive. SHRAPNEL creates an incredibly tense atmosphere built on environments that feel real. Players can join the conflict on their own or with a squad of friends, as multiplayer is at once both cooperative and competitive.

Any loot you find in a session you get to keep, provided you make it out alive to one of the extraction zones. However, if you find yourself on the losing end of a gun battle, you’ll lose everything you found and everything you brought with you, adding permanence of value between matches. First-Person Shooters have never been this intense.

SHRAPNEL is being developed by a BAFTA and Emmy award-winning team of game industry veterans with unmatched experience in transmedia, virtual production, and gaming-as-a-service. Designed to reward and empower players and creators, its competitive gameplay is fueled by user-generated content. Providing an adrenaline-charged package takes more than just ballistics and gun models, and this is where the Blockchain feature comes in, resulting in a tense, high-stakes, competitive environment that encourages risk-taking and rewards skill.

Metaguild is always on the lookout for the best-in-class play-to-earn games to add to our repertoire and offer to our guild members. The future is coming and we want to be on the cutting edge of it. Metaverse ecosystems and project building excite us, and when it comes to FPS, we’re willing to bet on SHRAPNEL and become a key player in its growth. This partnership was a no-brainer.

Unprecedented player benefits of ownership

During the game’s life span, SHRAPNEL will provide users with tools to construct, design, and publish their own new cosmetics, map assets, and maps. The process, known commonly as modding, is usually a passion project by fans who add new elements to a game, infusing it with new life long after its initial release. Modding will be at the center of the SHRAPNEL ecosystem empowering content creators like never before. Creators will be given a simplified, professional-grade UGC tool built in Unreal Engine 5 as well as educated on how to create maps, map assets, and vanity items.

SHRAPNEL is an upcoming AAA FPS game on Avalanche where skill-based competition, creative modding tools, and true digital ownership are all powered by blockchain technology. | Discord | Twitter

Metaguild is a decentralized community of investors, crypto enthusiasts, and gamers united by one goal: increase awareness about the alternative financial system game models through play-to-earn blockchain games. | Discord | Twitter | Medium

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