Metap: Looks To Change The Metaverse Gaming Ecosystem By Utilizing AI Capabilities

The metaverse is a concept that is only going to experience increased popularity as time goes on. As such, it is important to know about certain projects which can best utilize this new kind of technology. One particular field that is able to do this is that of the gaming world.

The relationship between gaming and the metaverse

Using the metaverse’s capabilities alongside the gaming space is not a new concept, as it has already been done before. Axie Infinity is a good example of how the metaverse can be utilized with the highly popular P2E (Play To Earn) concept in order to create something that can truly benefit the players from a monetary standpoint.

However, it is equally important to note the existence of AI and what kind of role it will play going forward. While AI can be used across many different fields, as far as the gaming sector is concerned, there is a project called Metap that warrants further observation because it has already begun utilizing AI’s immense potential alongside the capabilities of the gaming field.

What is Metap?

Metap is a new type of playable metaverse system that is purely built on AI. This project is doing everything in its power to ensure that it will leave a huge influence on the metaverse gaming sector for both PC and mobile gaming platforms. The game’s beta version is already released and it also allows users to employ NFTs so as to make purchases and to inherit important roles of administration and management.

The team’s mission is simple, namely to build a leading NFT and GameFi ecosystem within the world of blockchain which can constantly provide long-term value to Metap’s respective users as well as investors. The team will also attempt to concurrently use the metaverse’s enormous potential in order to provide something truly unique and innovative. Right now, $750,000 has been administered to Metap’s liquidity, and listings on multiple exchanges are on the way. A playable demo is also scheduled for release within a few months after launch.

The team will additionally try to develop a common market with multiple other large gaming platforms with whom Metap is linked, and the team will also integrate many games with their own in a novel method. The major objective, however, is to create a community-owned project that does not allow VCs or seed sales, as well as to debut on the sector’s most prominent platforms. Metap has also already formed many collaborations with noteworthy organizations like Smaugsnft, Eraxnft, StarFi, DAOStarter, and more.

Lastly, while it is still early to say that Metap will revolutionize the metaverse gaming ecosystem as we know it, the fact that it has so many unique features like different cities and worlds which also have their own systems of governance and a future NFT marketplace and staking capabilities make this a project to keep an eye on going forward.