MetaWars ($WARS, $GAM): NFT Gaming in Space

Introducing MetaWars, the newest play-to-earn NFT(non-fungible token) game. MetaWars is a multiplayer strategy and roleplaying game powered by a growing digital economy built on blockchain technology. The gameplay invites players to join a highly immersive digital metaverse game set in space, allowing users to earn cryptocurrency and NFTs as rewards. 

MetaWars has infinite universes where players can choose their own path using a vast collection of NFTs, and impact major events across the galaxy. The game challenges its players to earn their share of the vast fortunes as battle rages and governments fall in the MetaWars universe. 

The Gaming Economy and NFT Market

The global gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, it will be valued at 2.725 billion US Dollars. Gaming is a growth sector expected to keep expanding until the end of the decade. New games such as Star Atlas and illuvium have gained huge amounts of popularity.

With the rising popularity of the gaming industry, investors are searching for blockchain-based games and state-of-the-art innovations. The booming NFT economy has only just begun and we have witnessed a growth of more than 125% in the last 5 years. The combination of NFTs and the gaming economy is expected to be one of the most exciting industry drivers of the future. For more top NFT games, check out our Top NFT Games in 2021: Ranked article.

MetaWars hopes to provide a highly addictive NFT gaming experience for everyone to enjoy and gain profits from interactive challenges and quests.

What is MetaWars?

MetaWars is a futuristic sci-fi strategy game in a multi-layered, critical tactic battlefield that allows players to monetize and earn from the game’s war economy. Players can immerse themselves in realistic space exploration with resources that they can conserve and use. Through MetaWars, everyone can create a growing industry with the power to control the game’s metaverse.

MetaWars enables cooperation with various game commanders to revolutionize the galaxy in different missions. The play-to-earn gaming ecosystem would allow players to have fun while earning NFTs and collecting limited edition robots through various auctions.

MetaWars gives users the opportunity to discover different galaxies, unlock mysteries, and protect valuables from enemies. The challenges allow players to stake, play-to-earn, and collect NFT collectibles. The earnings will enable them to earn MetaWars’ token ($WARS) and the governance token.

The gameplay also allows players to widen their army with unique ships, classes and various optimization options. Players can combine modules, weapons, devices and equip perks, helping their characters level up their strength, rank up and receive amazing rewards across the metaverse.

MetaWars Gameplay: How to Play?

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MetaWars is designed with the idea of utilizing and testing the limits of blockchain functionalities. Each aspect of the game and its universe demonstrates a clever marriage of technology and adventure. 

The first aspect of the game is all about Exploration. Players embark on a journey of discovery, traversing the vast MetaWars galaxy that is constantly evolving and shifting from the collective actions of every player. Dangerous areas are scattered around the game’s universe and strategy is required in order to come out alive. Players will unveil mysteries and defend valuables against enemies. The ability to stake, earn coins and gather NFT collectibles provides an advantageous addition for players as these earnings can then be used to buy $WARS, the game’s token. 

Next, players can move on to Fleet Formation. At this stage, players have the option to customize their fleet of ships and robots. Modular design allows players the ability to transform each ship to suit a specific role. Robots can be acquired through lotteries and auctions, but there is a secondary market for robots and ships, all backed by NFTs, making them verifiably unique. This segment involves navigating through unique ship classes and optimization options in order to build a perfect fleet. To succeed in this segment, players would have to strategically combine modules, weapons, and devices to fit their playstyle. 

Finally, there is the Combat segment. According to the MetaWars pitch deck, the stakes are high because “you only have one life to live.” As the player, you play as one of the surviving clone pilots trying to earn a living under a false identity. Of course, fate has bigger plans for you. Soon you find yourself caught in the middle of a grand story, discovering what it means to be human. This final segment activates the Planet Battle, which is a player-versus-player (PvP) mode of gameplay that awards $WARS tokens as a reward to the winners. Missions are player-versus-environment (PvE) games which are necessary to upgrade strength, rank and reward rations. 

Additionally, there is also the feature to Acquire Terrain. MetaWars players can purchase planets for their bases of operations. By doing so, they are able to acquire exclusive rights to resource collection and other economic advantages. Those who are able to buy terrain on the same planet have the chance to become the primary owner of it.

Metawars Dapp Portal

The MetaWars Roadmap

Phase 1 

The first phase of the MetaWars roadmap is Development, which took place in Q3 2021. It was designated for planning and preparation, including developing the game, verifying ideas, and linking with advisors. 

Phase 2

Initiation is currently underway In Q4 2021. MetaWars plans to announce its Dapps launch, IDO listings, staking, and NFT auction. 

Phase 3

Phase 3, known as Exploration is expected to roll out in Q1 2022, the company intends to release additional elements and properties of the game’s warriors with a new NFT Marketplace and PvE platform. 

Phase 4

The final phase, Phase 4: Gamification will begin in Q2 2022. MetaWars will explore both unity and PvP gameplay.

Metawars Roadmap

$WARS Token: What is it?

Players from all over the world will compete to accumulate $WARS tokens. The currency will give access to critical resources and other in-universe items for victory and bragging rights. $WARS tokens can be used for: 

  • Staking – The $WARS tokens can be staked on the MetaWars platform to earn rewards over time.
  • Auctions – Some limited NFT Auctions work using $WARS tokens as the currency.
  • Governance – The governance mechanism of the MetaWars relies on the use of $WARS tokens. Holders will be able to participate in critical decisions in the metaverse.
  • Insurance – $WARS token can be used to buy insurance for the ships and robots the player has acquired in-game.

The result is a circular gaming ecosystem where players are able to earn $WARS tokens while interacting with the metaverse. They can trade their items on the market and earn real-life profits while accumulating $WARS and NFT items in the MetaWars universe.

The tokens will be distributed with a different vesting period and the percentage determines the budget allocated. There will be a total of 1,500,000,000 Cap for the $WARS Tokens.

Limited time only: $WARS Staking and game engine preview

MetaWars has released exclusive crossover NFTs with MetaGods where top stakers during the period from 14 to 20 January 2022 can get a chance to own of the 40 limited edition NFT characters (4 stars or above). MetaWars special planet NFT holders can also get a chance to gain special access to a sneak peek of the MetaGods game engine.

Click here for more details.

$GAM token: What is it?

MetaWars will also be featuring an upcoming in-game utility token named $GAM. The $GAM token will be used for purchasing upgrades to your ships and robots on Metawars. In addition, $GAM is used to pay for repairs, fuels, character upgrades, special customization features, booster packs, and more.

More details on the $GAM token will be released during Phase 2. $GAM is currently trading on Pancakeswap.

How will the $WARS and $GAM token work in Metawars?

Both the $WARS and $GAM tokens are integral to the Metawars gameplay. Players stake $WARS-LP in order to earn $GAM.

Metawars game trailer and demo
Metawars game trailer and demo

You can also check out the full Metawars game trailer and demo here:

MetaWars partnerships

Earn Guild

Earn Guild is a decentralized player’s guild for play-to-earn games. Earn Guild was launched in 2021 and already has 1,400 members and 50 new joiners daily. Most known for having its members together playing Axie Infinity, the Guild is comprised of experienced game entrepreneurs who are also experts in blockchain technology, payments, and startup acceleration. With this partnership, MetaWars hopes to expand its reach and visibility in this space and expand its partnership and advisory network.

OVR x MetaWars

OVR (Over the Reality) is a community-based platform that aims to create a decentralized world powered by Ethereum together with augmented reality (AR). Through this partnership, MetaWars hopes to expand its gameplay and play-to-earn economy by creating a one-of-a-kind blockchain gaming experience.


The play-to-earn model of MetaWars is not only open but also fair. Additionally, the emission of the in-game tokens are in the hands of the community. With all the interesting gameplay features and its imaginative and interactive world, MetaWars is surely set to revolutionize the crypto industry with NFT gameplay. 

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