Nitro Network Tokenomics Update

This update includes information on token burning plans, current and projected minting rates, and reward distribution specifics. This update aims to answer some of the queries that have been raised by the community because Nitro Network is dedicated to transparency and clarity regarding the evolving role that tokenomics plays in its ecosystem.

The information below was gathered by the core team of Nitro Network to show all the different categories and their current minting and distribution statuses. As a result, Nitro Network will employ a “mint as per usage (generative minting)” incentive method by providing distinct pools for those that join right away. This will need strategically constructing infrastructure:

Current Ncash Minting And Distribution Allocations

Nitro Network’s current areas of focus will be on Network Infrastructure Mining, Network Coverage Validation, Network Data Transfer and Staking Rewards. The different allocations are as follows:

  • ICONIC (Tier 1)
  • PREMIUM (Tier 2)
  • TOP (Tier 3)

The following table provides more detailed information on each reward category and its respective allocation:

Revision Of NFT Mint Target

Due to the discrepancy between the original NFM mint maximums and the actual NFMs minted, Nitro Network has announced plans to modify its NFM mint maximum. With this update, Nitro Network hopes to give its members a more advantageous transaction and reward distribution method.

The revised NFM mint maximums and rewards are as follows:

About Nitro Network

The largest decentralized private communication network (PCN) powered by IoT, LoRaWAN, 3G/4G/5G, and Nitro Network is being built. In our daily lives, this hyperconnected environment will make possible countless use cases. Participants in the decentralized PCN offered by Nitro Network are a part of an inclusive ecosystem that they also control, run, and profit from. The foundation of Nitro Network’s PCN, which will transform the game, is its own unique coin, NCash.




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