#PROJECT CROllaboration

When we launched The Cronicle in November of 2021, our mission statement was to embrace, empower, and educate the Cronos community. We believe that mission can never be completed, as information always changes, so we have decided to build a platform that is created for and shaped by the community.

1. Project Directory

We launched our Cronos project directory in November and soon after setup a form for projects to add themselves, all on their own, for free. The project directory is a place where thousands of Cronos investors can discover new projects, by interacting directly with content created by the teams themselves.

They can add important links, whitepapers (pdf’s/docs), social media and contact information, project information and more. Readers are able to vote and comment on each and every project in the directory.

2. Project Calendar

We launched our new calendar, along with the ability for anyone including; projects, community managers, readers etc., to add their own events. Anything from token burns, token launches, NFT mints, promotions and more can be added to the calendar for tens of thousands of Cronos investors to see.

If you would like to add your own events, you simply need to go to our Add Your Event form, and submit your event information. It’s doesn’t cost any money and only takes a minute or two.

Our readers can subscribe to the calendar events, using Google Calendar, iCal and by using an .ics file. The calendar also has the ability to showcase “featured” events, as well as “sticky” events. One example of how this can be utilized is for an NFT mint. A project can have their event featured so that it is at the top of the events list, and stickied so that it stays there after the event has ended, while the minting is still ongoing.

3. Project Author Access

We’re proud to announce that our next step in our mission is to open up our platform for others to post updates/posts/articles on their own. While there will always be a need for us to create our own content, we also recognize the fact that no one knows their projects more than the projects themselves. Projects, companies, and groups will be able to post content using a word editor by simply visiting our site and logging in with their credentials.

We will continue to release our own content including industry analysis, Cronos news, project news and more, we envision a “town hall” where the community and projects can interact with each other in the exchange of information. All content created by projects themselves will be posted under the news subcategory titled “Project Updates”, and will be accessible from our homepage, the news page, our Google News feed, push notifications and more.

Best of all, this service is provided free of charge to all projects, companies, and groups that would like to take advantage of it. We are currently beta testing the initiative with trusted partners, and content created from this initiative should begin soon. If you are a project, company or group that would like access, please reach out to us at hello@thecronicle.com.