Project Spotlight: Metropius

Metropious to launch on Avalanche.

Metropius is an award-winning Animation + Comic + NFTs and Metaverse. Our genesis Thorn NFT comes with the Special Edition Comic #1 in hard copy! Dive in…

It’s late in the 19th Century and in the isolated desert, a farmer and explorer named Rose makes a discovery which will change the world forever.

She strikes oil, but not just any oil – a highly powerful and volatile substance, which will later be known as Rose Diesel in honour of its discoverer.

Too dangerous to ship, a new community forms around the oil-rich area and eventually the city of Metropius is founded.

The greatest minds on earth flock to the thriving epicentre. The city closes its borders. Metropius becomes the world’s most powerful city and its citizens consider themselves lucky to be living in this desert haven.

But the founding corporations and their moral and law enforcers, the Roses and their Thorn henchmen, use this to control the population and keep the cogs turning.

Within these border walls there is a melting pot of unruly characters and dark tales.

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metropious Avaxholic 2


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