PwC Venezuela has been repeatedly posting a link to a scam XRP giveaway

The Twitter account of the Venezuelan branch of PwC has been hacked to promote a scam cryptocurrency giveaway.

It is advertising “a big event” with Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse that is supposed to take place an hour from now. Its tweet encloses a link that is supposed to bait potential victims into sending their crypto. Prior to that, other verified accounts with a significant following were compromised in order to promote the same scam.

PwC Account Hacked to Promote XRP Scam

Starting at 2:13 AM UTC, the Twitter account began posting links to a website purporting to represent the company Ripple and claiming to give away a large amount of the cryptocurrency XRP — in an obvious scam. It has posted the same link 14 times so far. Typically these scams ask victims to send an amount of cryptocurrency in the hope that they will receive more in return, only for nothing to be sent back.

So far, all the tweets remain to live on the account, suggesting that the account owner is either unaware of the scam or has lost access to the account. The PwC Venezuela account has 37,100 followers, which is much smaller than the accounting firm’s main account with 189,200 followers.

Recently, the official YouTube channel of the South Korean government was hacked and renamed “SpaceX Invest.” It was promoting a cryptocurrency scam with a live broadcast featuring Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In March, a slew of verified Twitter accounts started promoting a fake Ape Coin airdrop, defrauding gullible users of more than $1 million.

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