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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone!! Welcome back to another AMA with PlayToEarnDaily!

Aaron: Hi my friends.

Cryptodaily Admin: Hi Aaron! Great to have you here with us on the server 👏 How’s everything?

Aaron: I am good .

Cryptodaily Admin: Excellent! So Mr. Aaron is the Co-Founder of RenArt NFT, and he will be joining us today and introducing us to this project. Shall we start the AMA right away Aaron?

Aaron: Great , let’s go ahead with our AMA.

Cryptodaily Admin: Perfect, so let’s start our first segment: Q&A with Mr. Aaron. My first question is:

Q1. What is Ren ART?

Aaron: Ren ART is based on the post-Black Death Renaissance period. The current covid-19 is similar to the Black Death. It had a bad impact on the global economy and public health. Based on this and the re-construction of a human-centered perspective, RenART NFT was created. We have created the Athenian Academy to carry out the direction and strategy by combining digital art collections. The RenART project originated from the “Renaissance in Motion” exhibition. It is based on more than 30 museums overseas, with more than 200 famous Renaissance paintings authorized by the creators. The NFT also began as a collection of digital artworks. Both new and classic, that deserve to be recognized, appreciated and collected. We selected 55 classic paintings as NFT, and gave them rarity in the form of frames and Portfolio. So the holders could get different empowerment benefits according to their rarity and the Portfolio.

RenART’s Holders make up the Athens Academy and keep the spirit of the Athens Academy alive. Everyone is free to communicate, express their opinions and talk to the masters of design creation. Together, we create new design objects that ultimately generate joint profits. The relics of the old era connected with the Web 3.0 of the new era. A new business model was formed.

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s cool, bringing the classics to web3! So next question:

Q2. Why did you create this project in the first place?

Aaron: This project is based on the human being, the spirit and background of the Renaissance. It is a way to create new designs and develop group creation. The Athenian Academy is the spiritual core of the project. Holders are able to officially join the Athenian Academy and communicate with celebrities face-to-face. And they could create with others who share their passion, and participate in the creation and design of famous masters. We have a large number of licensed IPs. This is one of the features of our project.

Q3. Is there a special way to use RenART NFTs? What other special benefits does it have?

Aaron: Users who hold certain NFTs or NFT combinations can earn a variety of rewards. They include, but are not limited to: 

*8K HD Digital Art Frame

*Airdrops and discounts on limited co-branded PFP NFT, co-branded experience items, etc. for G3 phase

*Opportunity to have dinner and in-depth conversation with celebrities

*Obtain or promote special status membership

*In addition, RenArt NFT holders will all become members of The Renaissance Club. They will receive many online and offline empowering values, such as.

*Free access to various art exhibitions

*Whitelist airdrop and rewards for quality partner projects .

*Participate in special club events, including access to membership benefits from various partners online and offline.

*The opportunity to become a DAO member and vote for the future of the club.

Cryptodaily Admin: I want to join the club already haha, it seems like the Athenian Academy is for people with status in a sense, meeting with celebrities, going to events,… But that’s the beauty of NFTs, you don’t have to be people with Status to join these exclusive clubs. With RenArt, even ordinary people can enjoy the lavish lifestyle which cannot be obtained otherwise 

Q4. How many Ren ART NFTs will be released? Is there a distinction in terms of equity and rarity?

Aaron: The main image of the RenArt series NFT is a painting by the Renaissance art masters. RenArt will release the first series of 5,000 member pass NFTs in a blind box. The whitelist price of RenArt NFT is 0.3 ETH, and users who are whitelisted can cast 2 RenArt NFTs. The actual product contains 55 master classical paintings, different fancy colors, figures and frames. Then it can form a unique rarity mechanism.

There are five types of frames: Gold, Sliver, Copper, Wood, and a special Crystal frame. The rarity decreases in the order of Crystal, Gold, Silver, Copper, and Wood. The top of the back frame has a poker-like suit design, including spade, heart, diamond, clover, and the numerical arrangement of A~K+Joker. The four suits of spades, hearts, diamonds and clovers are in decreasing order of rarity. The numbers are ranked in decreasing order of rarity based on Joker, A, K-2. (there may be cases where several numbers have the same rarity).

Q5. What is RenArt’s development plan?

Aaron: 1.Roadmap

G2: Release RenArt Series Membership Passes

This series of NFTs is based on a high-definition digital collection of classic paintings licensed from a number of museums around the world. The initial release is up to 5,000 NFTs. NFT holders will become members of The Renaissance Club and will receive many online and offline empowerment values.

G3: Launch limited co-branded products

The Renaissance Exhibition will take place in the real world for two years, which will begin in Asia. So far, it has connected with six countries and 11 major cities. The Renaissance Club will link up with regional Renaissance spirit icons online. RenArt will create co-branded products with major artists, influencers, international hipsters, and renowned artists. It’ll be led by JUKSY Street Star and Filippo Ventures. Members will have different levels of access to participate or co-design. It includes original or RenArt second creation projects. RenArt NFT holders and contributors will receive a share of RenArtShop product sales.

G4: Renaissance Metaverse Museum

With the authorization of top museums, RenArt will gradually build an offline and metaverse art ecosystem. At the same time, RenArt will gradually link up the physical Renaissance exhibitions and local museums around the world. It’ll build its virtual gallery in the metaverse. For certain special exhibits or products, they will only be displayed here and open for bidding by members (only G2 and G3 members have access to the gallery and get privileges).

G5:Further plans are yet to be announced

RenArt adopts a double ecological model of online and offline.

(1) Online

Traffic sources: brands, celebrities, self media IP, etc.

Eco-empowerment: RenArt NFT Member Pass Series (G2), Joint Creation (G3), Meta-Universe Gallery (G4)

(2) Offline

Traffic sources:Source of traffic: moving renaissance offline exhibition, top art IP

Eco-empowerment: World Tour (G4), Athens Academy (G2)

During the Renaissance period, Rafael painted a classic painting “The Academy of Athens”. In the painting, a total of 57 famous scholars from different times, regions and schools. They discussed different topics in groups, which is also the core concept in RenArt. The virtual galleries will be created in the future. We will  invite celebrities and masters in different fields to communicate with RenArt members. It includes offline lectures, celebrity talks, and dinner events, etc. As long as members have the right to participate, they will be provided with contacts and resources. It will lead to a possible cross-collaboration. And the newly created value will be returned to RenArt NFT holders, which is also the spirit and value conveyed by the Athens Academy of Metaverse.

Cryptodaily Admin: And you have been partnering up with celebrities and organizations too

Aaron: Yes

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s great, RenArt has deep connections with celebrities, not just a regular endorsement deal

Aaron: Yes,we have large celebrity resources .

Q6: So please walk us through: What is the specific model of cooperation?

Aaron: 1. In February 2022, Slim E.SO, Kai Ko showed his blind box NFT through Instagram. In addition, Capsule Vault and Zombie also attracted traffic to the RenArt community in February.

2.In March 2022, Chen Bo Lin and Sunny Wang Yang Ming showed their holdings of RenArt NFT blind boxes on Instagram. Meanwhile, Chen Bolin also attended the Renaissance exhibition through online and offline.

3.Merson couple, Shiny, small miners digging mining, Rick_Crypto daily, G brother and a host of other Youtubers released videos to introduce RenArt, and all achieved a high degree of attention.

4. Aaron Yan and Brain helped RenArt to attract traffic through Facebook. What is more remarkable is that Aaron Yan personally participated in Athens Academy, a celebrity online face-to-face event, in early April. It brought great heat to RenArt. According to the roadmap provided by the project, RenArt will continue to launch co-branding plans and collaborate with brands, celebrities and NFT projects in the G3 phase. Maybe we will launch new products. These brands, celebrities and NFT projects include.

Brands: REPRESENT (under negotiation), IH NOM UH NIT (expected to be negotiated at the end of May), bearbrick (expected to be negotiated in June)

Celebrities: Aaron Yan (under negotiation), Chen Bolin (expected to negotiate in June), Alexander King Chen (collaboration in progress), Xie Yunong (under negotiation)

NFT Project: T-O-S The Other Side (collaboration in progress)

We have been promoting a creator economy. When celebrities and organizations come in, our community members could also participate in the creation, work with them and get the relevant profits.

Cryptodaily Admin: Well well well, you’re not kidding about having multiple celebrities backing RenArt!

We would love to have more global celebrities (if possible) promoting RenArt as well!

Aaron: Not kidding.  Haha. Will have , we will see.

Q7. Is the creator economy the most important part of RenART’s future development? How should community members participate?

Aaron: The creator economy is an important part of the process. RenART NFT holders have the membership of Athens Academy. According to members’ own professional skills and related resources, they can select and form project teams through Athens Academy and partner IP parties. And they could create co-branded NFTs and co-branded products. Project parties will provide traffic and resources. And contributors will receive a share of the profits after the product is sold.The Athens Academy is composed of those who are interested in art creation and design. They interact with each other through meetings, online and offline learning, and even group creation and proposals. Each partner in the community is able to show their own views on art creation, and even make it happen. Therefore, we will create collectively every season and produce products based on Renaissance creations. Once they are manufactured into a physical form, they can be exhibited offline and sold online. A business model is formed and feedback is given to the creators.

Q8. The creator economy is still in its initial stages. We also recognize that DAO, NFT and the creator economy are indivisible. What does the creator economy look like in RenART’s vision? What will be the next step in promoting the creator economy in the RenART community?

Aaron: The DAO structure is still under planning. And each creator or contributor who participates in the creation of a product will receive a share of the profits. RenART NFT holders can also receive whitelist purchase rights, airdrops, and discounts on limited products according to their Ranking and the number of limited decks and holdings. In addition, the RenArt shop’s sales share is divided into different categories. RenArt shop’s sales profit will be distributed to all RenART NFT holders periodically.In the spirit of the Athens Academy, we grouped and completed the proposal, design and selection stages. We presented the results at Athens Night. The final product will be partially produced and sold offline. It will also be exhibited and sold online. Whether online or offline, the revenue is distributed to Holders and the creators. All of these are based on Renaissance design elements.

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with RenArt🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Aaron: Yes , thanks to all of you guys. Join us and achieve something big.
Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Aaron for coming on and talking about RenArt! All the best 🙌