Ripple will be able to authenticate several videos of SEC officials giving public remarks

Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn has granted Ripple a request to serve non-party subpoenas in order to video hosting platforms in order to authenticate some videos of top officials from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) giving speeches.

Ripple Gains Permission to Authenticate Critical Videos of SEC Officials

The platforms in question prohibit their users do not allow their users to downloading their own copies of the content, which is why the defendants had to seek the court’s permission. The SEC claimed that it would consent to the request only if the defendants agreed to reopen discovery. The plaintiff wanted to serve several subpoenas in order to be able to obtain video material that would bolster its own claims.

Ripple also responded to the plaintiff’s objections regarding the recent court decisions related to the emails of former SEC official William Hinman. The defendants claim that the agency mischaracterized the judge’s rulings. The blockchain giant insisted that it wasn’t seeking to reopen the discovery process with its two requests. Its motions relate back to the requests for admission that Ripple served before the end of the fast discovery process in late August. In her ruling, Judge Netburn has ignored the SEC’s argument about the defendants trying to reopen fast discovery.

In a letter filed on August 8, the plaintiff said that it took no position on the defendants’ motion to reopen fast discovery. As noted by attorney Jeremy Hogan, a partner at the Hogan & Hogan legal firm, recently noted that authentication is “standard stuff,” which is why it shouldn’t be this difficult.

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