Scam alert: Crypto community warns of suspicious files claiming to expose some crypto influencers

  • A whistleblower claims to expose some dark details of the top crypto personalities and influencers. 
  • The Crypto community sounds possible scam alert and asks users to maintain caution.

On Tuesday, June 7, an anonymous person with the name ‘A Dying Nobody’ claimed that they will be exposing the dark reality of some top crypto projects as well as crypto influencers. The alleged whistleblower has said that they will “tear a rift in the crypto community” by releasing 137.21GB of Telegram group chats and messages.

The whistleblower also said that they acquired the messages through an alleged exploit in the Telegram app. ‘A dying Nobody’ has garnered strong attention from the crypto community in no time. The whistleblower’s Twitter handles reached 40,000 followers in just a day’s time.

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In the thread posted on Twitter, the whistleblower claims to have access to all illegal activities. This involves scams, rug pulls, thefts, murder, and sexual assault. The severity of the claims has caught the attention of everyone from the crypto community.

Interestingly, the Twitter handle adyingnobody has also put an Ethereum address in their Twitter bio. This address also has over 40 transactions which could possibly be tips by those who are interested in knowing the details of the matter.

The whistleblower has said that they shall be releasing all the details by the 7th of July next month. As per the thread, all dark details of crypto influencers shall arrive on June 15 and June 30.

Now the twist is that the whistleblower has asked interested people to download a password-protected zip file. The whistleblower also said that they will be providing the password on future dates – June 15, June 30, and July 7.

 crypto community sounds warning bells

Well, some of the crypto community members have warned users to be aware of a possible scam in the making. Twitter user Cryptonator1337 said that the community needs to be careful of any files coming through anonymous accounts. The user noted:

One warning regarding @adyingnobody. Not saying it is all bullshit, I don’t think so, but: If there are any publicly available downloads – wait a bit first and let others inspect it. It is not difficult to equip files with keyloggers or other malware/spyware. Stay safe!

Some of the other crypto members have also called this nothing but a “publicity stunt” from @adyingnobody. Twitter user Zugged also shared a record of Telegram vulnerabilities and said that there’s nothing as what the whistleblower claims. Furthermore, Telegram has also issued an official statement noting:

An anonymous account made a baseless claim that they were able to access the contents of private group chats on Telegram. No such vulnerability has ever been found. This is likely a hoax with the intent to get users to download malware.