Singapore Residents Most Interested in the Merge: Report

With the Ethereum Merge only days away, crypto analysis company CoinGecko has looked into which countries are most interested in the imminent upgrade. According to CoinGecko reports, Singaporean crypto holders lead several others in terms of interest in Ethereum’s imminent historic milestone.

Singapore’s “ETH Merge” Searches Eclipse US, Canada

Ethereum’s dev team has confirmed that the network’s shift to the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism will occur between September 13 and 15. As the upgrade has been in the works for years, several industry participants have been eagerly awaiting the launch date. Hence, CoinGecko studied data surrounding global Google trends of English search terms to assign nations worldwide a “total search score.

According to the findings from the study, Singapore ranks first in the list of nations anticipating the Merge. CoinGecko reports that the  Southeast Asian country had a search score of 377, significantly higher than other nations across the world. Switzerland and Canada come right behind Singapore, both in second place with a score of 286. 

The report noted that Singapore had the highest global searches for the terms “Ethereum Merge,” “Eth Classic,” and “Ethereum.” Notably, the nation fell behind Switzerland in terms of the search level for  “ETH Merge.” Swiss residents also searched the most “ETH,” while Canada came out on top for the term “ETH PoW.”

Meanwhile, the Netherlands and Australia came in third and fourth place for the term “ETH Merge.”  Other nations with significant rankings were Germany, the US, and Turkey. These countries saw residents rack up top search levels for the term “Ethereum PoW.” 

Huge ETH Communities in Top Ranking Nations

According to the report, all of the aforementioned nations comprise 16% of the study’s total search score. The study noted 169% more searches for the term Proof-of-Work than Proof-of-Stake. Furthermore, there were 40% more searches for “Ethereum” and “ETH” than for “Ethereum Classic” and “ETH Classic.”

Notably, the report points out that the 8 countries topping the list all have thriving Ethereum communities. 

CoinGecko’s COO and co-founder Bobby Ong spoke on the results of the study. Ong claims anticipation surrounding the forthcoming upgrade has reached record levels. Reportedly, this is because the Merge will impact the whole of the crypto industry. 

The release highlighted the PoW advocates calling for an Ethereum hard fork to maintain the PoW chain. Reportedly, this might explain why terms such as “Ethereum PoW” and “ETH PoW” have seen more searches in recent times. 

On a more technical level – there is a slew of miners who want to continue mining the Proof of Work version of Ethereum, which will likely result in the formation of multiple, contentious hard forks post-Merge.” 

Ethereum’s developers have completed the last shadow fork ahead of the long-awaited upgrade. They shared the news in a tweet a day ago noting that no issues surfaced during testing. 

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