Snoop Dogg Set to Sell NFT Marijuana in Metaverse

Rap Musician Snoop Dogg will issue a group of digital Marijuana farms as Non-Fungible Tokens on RPG Metaverse Mobland. It will be a limited edition along with exclusive content from his son Champ Medici. 

Although virtual cannabis cannot be enjoyed like its real counterparts, owners of the NFTs will expect gratification in the shape of rising prices. However, it is unclear if it will be possible to exchange the Non-Fungible tokens for real weed.

Speaking about the idea behind this new development, Champ Medici says watching his father enjoy video games and marijuana while he was growing up made it a “no-brainer” to turn weed into an NFT: 

NFT Trading Runs in the Family

Of course, Snoop Dogg and his son are no strange faces in the NFT community. Snoop has continually traded in NFTs and currently consults for two major gaming metaverses. Cordell Broadus (Champ Medici) even initiated his father to the Metaverse.

Ever since he was introduced, Snoop Dogg has not looked back. The West Coast rapper went on to co-act with many crypto companies and to mint different sets of NFTs. In a stroke of genius, he recently disclosed himself as Cozomo de’Medici, the famous NFT merchant and guru.

The rapper’s music label Death Row Records became the first NFT label. And Just last month, he produced eight music tracks as non-Fungible Tokens.

Subsequently, these Cannabis Farm NFTs have become the next step in his Metaverse exploits. In fact, most agree that it might be the next step of development in the whole Metaverse.

Is Digital 4/20 the Future of the Metaverse?

About his collaboration with Mobhouse, Snoop Dogg says his son advised him to do it. Apparently, Medici revealed to him the pros of initiating the maiden edition of Virtual Marijuana Farm NFT.

The Mafia-war-based Metaverse seems to be the perfect partner given its gangster’s style organization. According to Snoop, the two will establish a “Grow to Earn” feature in place of the erstwhile “Play to Earn”.

At writing, Mobhouse has not yet announced the launch date for the virtual Weed Farm NFTs and Medici Champ’s exclusive content. However, excitement is running high in many quarters as the crypto community awaits its release.


 Roy Liu, Mobland’s co-founder, hopes that marijuana in the Metaverse will foster an increase in the adoption of Web3.

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