Solana-Built Okay Bears NFT Collection Rakes $23M Worth Of Sales On Launch Day

Solana’s newest NFT project, Okay Bears, is now one of its most popular NFT collections after hitting $!8M worth of sales on launch day. Okay Bears NFTs’ trade volume surpasses that of other Ethereum-built NFT projects such as Meebits and Veefriends. Transactions on Okay Bears NFTs were conducted on the Magic Eden NFT platform.

Okay Bears NFTs Set New Records

Popular NFT platform, OpenSea, tweeted about Okay Bear’s feat, saying that the Solana-built NFT is number one on their platform’s 24-hour rankings.

Okay Bears is Solana’s newest NFT collection and contains 10K bear-based NFTs, all of which were sold on launch day. The total sales of these NFTs were over 230K SOL (worth about $23M using the current Coinbase exchange rate). It is the first time any NFT project built outside the Ethereum network will dominate OpenSea’s 24-tracker for NFT sales since the launch of Meebits and Veefriends NFTs, built on Ethereum.

Based on the trade volume recorded for the sales of these Okay Bears NFTs, Cryptoslam data estimates that each NFT must have been sold at a mint price of 1.6 SOL or $146. Multiple on-chain data analytics confirm that trades on Solana NFTs have surged by 217% this past 24 hours. This trade contrasts Ethereum NFTs, which are down by 21% within the same period.

Congratulations Galore Over Okay Bears’ Achievement

While commenting on the outstanding achievement, Magic Eden’s content and marketing director, Tiffany Huang, said, “we are happy that Okay Bears NFTs were launched on our platform. More than 95% of transactions involving these NFTs happened on our platform.”

She added, “the trade volume achieved by Okay Bears is proof of Solana’s significant growth in a relatively short period. There is a bright future for Solana-built projects, just as for projects built on other chains. This feat also proves that the chains on which projects are built matter less than the projects themselves because the community determines the best collections.”

Holders of Okay Bears NFTs will also enjoy holders’-exclusive benefits such as the NFTs’ Merch, Okay Bears’ exclusive events, and other perks. Okay Bears’ Twitter account celebrated the milestone and acknowledged the role of the Solana blockchain in the feat. However, it remarked that the Bear NFTs store is “under construction.”


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