Step Into Cyber-Inspired Metaverse With The One And Only CyberTrade



CyberTrade is a play-and-earn NFT metaverse game with a full 3D Unity Engine built in. Known for being the first MMO game on the Binance Smart Chain, with a futuristic cyber-like game design set in the year 2101. Through a variety of collecting and trading features, the grind of daily jobs, drag races, street battles, PvE, PvP, and syndicate events such as wars, CyberTrade aims to provide a source of amusement for both casual players and diehard DeFi aficionados. By constructing, owning companies, looting, raiding, trading, farming, borrowing/lending, and other available gaming activities, you may expand your business empire and gain digital assets.

CyberTrade is divided into two development subgroups, each of which includes two phases. The first playable stage of the game is known as Phase 1. This phase will contain the game mode “Drag Racing,” which will be released as an alpha test in Q1 2022 and an official beta test in Q2 2022. 

The game mode “Fighting Games” will be launched as an Alpha test at the beginning of Q2 2022 and as an official beta test at the end of Q2 2022. Phase 2 encompasses the whole Metaverse product, which is expected to be completely launched by the end of Q4 2022. This phase covers all of the previously specified material and may be viewed as the whole game’s formal release.


What Makes CyberTrade Stand Out? 


Basic open-world gaming characteristics are included in the gameplay and you’ll be observing your character from a third-person perspective. Players will be able to drive cars in the game, participate in global PVP, and much more. There will be ten playable instances/zones throughout the Metropolit and a revised economy system will be included in the game. The main goal of the game is to amass as much riches as possible and acquire control of the city. To accomplish so, you can purchase properties, construct industries, skyscrapers and use your gaming and intellectual skills to the fullest. If you’re good at managing them, all of these digital assets can earn you a lot of money.

Triple A Gaming Experience

CyberTrade is introducing to the gamefi globe the most advanced NFT personalization technology ever developed. Prepare yourself for a thrilling triple-A gaming experience.

Play-and-Earn CyberCash

One of the biggest benefits of play-and-earn gaming is that you can still make money while playing even if you’re not winning. CyberTrade compensates you for your time and all you have to do is play, have fun, and earn CyberCash ($CCASH) from your time spent in the game.

Freely Express Yourself

Select your persona. You don’t have to be the same as everyone else. You don’t have to be a fair player with aspirations of one day becoming Mayor. You can also choose to be a thief or an outlaw. This is how you can kill people, cause mayhem, and make money. It isn’t all fun and games, though. You must be careful and invisible, since once you become a criminal, players who see you can place a bounty on your head, and the struggle for survival starts.


Metaverse of Metropolit

Another step forward in the development of our daily lives has arrived. Your trip begins here in Metropolit’s streets. Immerse yourself in the future generation of blockchain gaming with a complete 3D Unity engine MMO RPG experience. Players will navigate the city from a third-person perspective, putting their abilities to the test in each of the ten districts. In the open world, players will battle, race, and complete tasks; in the red zone, they will cleanse, complete loot, and strive to survive in the Metropolit. The final goal is to become the No. 1 citizen in a crime syndicate with actual authority in the development stages and the 3D world; dominate the cyber world your way!

Project Roadmap

Q4 2021

  • CyberCash $CCASH Minted
  • CyberCash $CCASH Listed
  • NFTs minted
  • NFTs IGO
  • Alpha Test for Drag Races

Q1 2022

  • Alpha Test for Fights 
  • Beta Testing and Major release for Drag Races
  • Reward system for Drag Races to go live

Q2 2022

  • Staking Program for CyberCash $CCASH 
  • Tier 1 Exchange
  • Major Wave of Campaigns

Q3 2022

  • Exclusive NFT Drops for CyberCash holders in Metropolit City
  • Early access to Metropolit with chance to hire Super-rare NFTs

Q4 2022

  • Alpha Test for Metropolit City Metaverse
  • Start building own streets

Project Tokenomics


$CCASH represents a governance token/currency of the future in CyberTrade Metaverse. 

As a holder, you will have the power to decide on the next steps in Metropolit’s growth. Your Citizen Ranking, and therefore your faith and privileges in the city, are determined by the amount of $CCASH you have! However, the time you hodl $CCASH determines your Governance Power. Moreover, Players will be able to purchase numerous Metaverse utilities by holding CyberCash.

Players will be able to purchase property, develop structures, manage factories, make financial transactions, or just drive the nicest automobiles. This allows users to create in-game NFTs, which they can then sell, trade, or just drop on their property to attract new people who will pay taxes to stay on the land.

The Metaverse will have a never-before-seen economy, ensuring long-term replayability and earnings for high-ranking residents who spend their $CCASH wisely in productive companies. The purpose of global player involvement is to fight for $CCASH, a crucial metric of power and rights.

The $CCASH Token is an in-game cryptocurrency that may be used for rewards, exchanging NFT Collectibles, staking, and much more!


Token Utilities

  • Citizen Ranking: Metropolit’s bosses and warriors will be able to compete for the highest Citizen Ranking and earn $CCASH in the process. The power in the city is determined by Citizen Ranking, which goes from 1 to 10.
  • Governance: Your GOVERNANCE POWER in Metropolit is determined by the time period you hodl $CCASH
  • Rewards: $CCASH is a reward token that may be utilized for a variety of activities like racing, battling, daily and weekly chores, affiliate programs, governance awards, and staking.
  • Deflationary function: CyberCash will also have a deflationary effect, which implies that transactions will decrease the overall amount of tokens. In the long run, this has a lot of economic advantages.
  • Obtain NFTs and land: With $CCASH, all holders have the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind NFTs and land in the CyberTrade Metaverse. Each NFT provides a variety of in-game advantages.
  • Staking: Having $CCASH will grant you a variety of in-game bonuses that Metropolit people may exploit.


Token name: $CCASH (BEP-20 & ERC-20)

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Circulation supply on TGE: 1.2% (12,000,000)

Initial Market Cap (excl. Liquidity): $720,000 

Token Distribution:

  • Team 8%
  • Seed Investors 7.5%
  • Private sale 10%
  • Reserve 19.75%
  • Strategic sale 10%
  • Foundation 22.5%
  • Staking 10%
  • Advisors 5%
  • Marketing partners 5%
  • Public sale 1.5%
  • Exchange liquidity 0.75%

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