Strong Node – $SNE, The Cryptocurrency Used To Generate Passive Income From Your Digital Devices

‘Node projects’ have saturated the market so the last thing people want is another. Unless this node project has something different.

StrongNode Edge isn’t your typical ‘node project’, for one you can’t pay to ‘create a node’ and start earning.

StrongNode is building a solution to allow you to turn devices you already own into a passive income! There is a rising need for decentralized infrastructure via the blockchain in the realm of cloud computing, where more and more gadgets rely on interconnectivity.

StrongNode overcomes this problem by utilizing an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) protocol that enables for more efficient and quicker networking connectivity.

StrongNode Edge is developing a set of decentralized Web3 products that are backed by the Edge Network and use blockchain for things like payments, rewards, and interoperability efficiency.

What are the fundamental ideas behind Strong Node?

Strong node is developing a set of core computing products pertaining to node architecture and edge computing solutions at the most fundamental level. They are building a networked interaction model that takes advantage of unused resources among node partners to establish an interactive ecosystem with node clients.

This harmonizes the computational process in previously unforeseen ways. With blockchain technology being available in a variety of formats, each blockchain may serve a distinct role within an ecosystem and have various use cases and advantages.

A lot of benefits to being blockchain agnostic, especially with plans to debut the flagship token on Polygon and then on Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Binance SmartChain, and other blockchains.

What are  StrongNode’s practical applications?

StrongNode IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) technology may be used in a variety of high-growth businesses, including but not limited to:

  • AI 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Gaming 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Medical Industry

Industries that can use Strongnode products and services:

Banking and Payments, Cyber Security, Supply Chain Management, Forecasting, Internet of Things, Insurance, Transport Logistics, Cloud Storage, Charity, Government, Healthcare, Energy, Retail, Real Estate, Finance, and Wealth Management Firms, Law Firms, Accounting, Gaming Industries, Music Industries, Other commercial industries.

Basically, everything that requires computing power qualifies for our goods and services, and with our corporate package, customers can start saving time and money by taking advantage of the efficiencies offered by blockchain edge computing.

Gaming is aided with StrongNode Edge:

Original Gamer Life (OGLife)

OGLife is a Flourishing-as-a-Service social impact ecosystem for gamers that is available to everybody and serves those in High-Stress Sectors and Underserved Groups that require the greatest assistance in thriving. 

Gaming has the power to both heal and unites people. Original Gamer Life incentivizes our users to get up, go out, and remain active by gamifying health with tokenized incentive systems.

To develop the ecosystem and network, $OGL tokenomics connect directly to the $SNE economy and vice versa.

Benefits of StrongNode:

  • StrongNode system effectively manages large-scale data, network capacity, control and management, latency, and security, while APIs and developer tools enable the conduct of automated workflows on the edge infrastructure.
  • The blockchain architecture is one of the most enticing features of the StrongNode program. Your data is safe and tamper-proof, thanks to the features of blockchain, such as security, transparency, privacy, and immutability.
  • Users that want to build on the StrongNode platform can use the Open Source development methodology. Using existing Infrastructure as a Service model, such as Apache Hadoop’s MapReduce OSS code, gives corporate and big volume consumers more credibility and long-term development possibilities.
  • The network effect is achieved through the use of blockchain technology and edge computing in the node design. This provides a cutting-edge solution for Node Enterprise clients that require a lot of processing power, while also linking them to the Node Seeders’ computer resources.
  • APIs that interface directly with the protocol can be built to achieve faster processing time and save time and money inside the node network. Edge placement from Node Seeders, who are committing resources to power the node, is accomplished.
  • Resources are the trinity of CPU/GPU cycles, eventually working towards bandwidth and storage gathered from consumers on high-volume B2C and B2B platforms spanning homes and companies via desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, game consoles, and Smart TVs.

Token Information:

Anyone with a SMART device may connect it to the Edge and give unused computational resources like CPU, GPU, and RAM power to the network using the basic StrongNode Edge product.

In exchange, Node Seeders will get SNE tokens, and the industrial and commercial sectors will employ a mix of USD ($) and SNE tokens to acquire computing resources for use in their supply chains or simply USD or SNE tokens.

If just USD is used, a portion of it is utilized to ‘market buy’ SNE tokens to replenish the Node Seeder rewards pool.

The team has launched user registration for early access to The Edge at as of April 20th, 2022, allowing interested parties to build a basic profile and reserve a restricted position for early access to the Edge when it becomes accessible. 

On a first-come, first-served basis, 1000 places will be offered. Soon, the SNE token’s availability on the Ethereum blockchain will provide access to the world’s most popular blockchain as well as a large number of new users. 

Tokenomics of StrongNode Edge $SNE:

The $SNE token, which has a total quantity of 10 billion tokens, is integrated with the blockchain and node architecture.

To guarantee high growth and long-term outreach efficacy, tokens are distributed throughout a range of categories.

Here is the tokenomics categorization presentation and breakdown allocation:

Target Amount for the Raise $2M
Total token supply 10B Tokens
Total token for sale-21% of Supply 2.1B Tokens
Seed Round – 5% of Supply $300K Raise-500M Tokens @ $0.0006
Private Round – 14% of Supply $1,4M Raise – 1,4B Tokens @ $0.001
Public Sale – 2% of Supply $300K Raise – 200M Tokens @ $0.0015

Advantages of the Strong Node Token

  • StrongNode will provide a number of service packages, including the Node Enterprise, small company, and individual retail packages, all of which will allow customers to pay using both traditional means and the $SNE token. Discounts, loyalty benefits, and staking are all available as incentives for paying with the token.
  • Companies will be able to stake the token to offset the expenses of utilizing resources and ensuring uptime, among other things. The longer they stay, the more rewards they receive, such as multiplier discounts and other perks.
  • For giving their idle resources to the StrongNode Edge Network, Node Seeders receive $SNE.
  • Other innovation lab and partner project tokens can be earned using $SNE.
  • Users that want to assist the project early on can single stake their tokens and create liquidity.
  • Staking coins will also give voting rights for in-ecosystem governance.

RoadMap Of StrongNode

Q1 2021- Q2 2021

  • Website/Litepaper/Pitch deck/One-paper.
  • $SNE Token Private Sale
  • Smart Contract Creation.

Q3 2021 – Q4 2021

  • Whitepaper
  • Smart Contracts Audits
  • $SNE Token Launch/Public Sale/TGE On Polygon
  • Liquidity Pool/Staking/Farming.

Q4 2021 – Q1 2022

  • More $SNE Staking/Farming Options
  • Explore other blockchain bridging
  • 4SNE Token listing on exchanges.

Q2 2022 – Q3 2022

  • StrongeNode POC
  • Strong Dash, dashboard
  • StrongNode ID
  • StrongNode VPN Edge nodes – MVP
  • StrongNode VPN- Alpha
  • $SNE Token listing on exchanges
  • StrongNode VPN -Beta Testing.

Q3 2022 – Q4 2022

  • StrongNode Game and NFT Tech
  • More to come. Stay tuned for updates.


  • Gil Bashan – Chief Product Officer
  • Colin Charles – Chief Technology Officer

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