TaleCraft announces a Collaboration with Platypus Finance

TaleCraft is thrilled to announce their Collaboration with Platypus Finance — a single-sided Automatic Market Maker (AMM) for stable coins developed on the Avalanche network with the goal of optimizing capital efficiency.

Now, they are merging their system with an NFT collection to enrich the whole AMM concept!

About Platypus Finance

On Avalanche, Platypus creates an entirely new AMM: an open liquidity single-sided AMM that manages risk autonomously depending on the coverage ratio, allowing for maximum capital efficiency.

Platypus’ design is based on the asset liability management idea (ALM). Instead of invariant curves, Platypus is the first of its kind to employ a single-variant slippage function.

WebsitePlatypus Finance

About Collaboration

To celebrate their Collaboration, Platypus Finance will distribute 20 WLs to the top 20 NFT holders on the TaleCraft leaderboard, and 5 lucky participants of the AMA on May 27th 16:00 UTC at the official TaleCraft telegram channel will each receive a WL. All dear Crafters are invited!

Their Website: TaleCraft

Source: https://medium.com/@talecraft/talecraft-announces-a-collaboration-with-platypus-finance-c6e526cfeb31

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