Tesla Unveils New Cyberwhistle With Doge-only Payment

Vehicle manufacturer Tesla has just debuted its latest product, a limited edition toy whistle dubbed the Cyberwhistle. Billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk announced the release on Wednesday as a new product catalog for the toy whistle emerged. Per the catalog, buyers can only pay for the Cyberwhistle using DOGE. 

Tesla Announces the Cybertruck-inspired Cyberwhistle

Musk shared news of the whistle in a Twitter post calling his audience to “Blow the whistle.” According to the product catalog, the toy was based on Tesla’s Cybertruck.

A premium collectible made from medical-grade stainless steel with a polished finish. The whistle includes an integrated attachment feature for added versatility,” the post read.

All purchases are final and Tesla revealed that orders will begin shipping within 4-6 weeks. Interestingly, each unit of the Cyberwhistle costs 1000 DOGE or $60 at the moment. Tesla has shared that they will only be accepting payments for the toy in Dogecoin. 

Notably, Tesla customers seem fine with both the pricing and payment method as the toy is already out of stock. Tesla has sent out a warning that it will not reverse or refund payments in the wrong token or incorrect amounts. 

Musk’s Support for Dogecoin

Company founder Elon Musk has always been an avid supporter of the meme cryptocurrency. Musk’s vocal stance regarding the digital token has earned him the name Dogefather in crypto circles.

Dogecoin is better than Bitcoin for payments,” the billionaire said last year. 

Of course, this is not the company’s first time listing certain merchandise with DOGE-only payments. The vehicle manufacturer’s online store only accepts the meme token for its Cybertruck Graffiti Cuffed Beanie, and Giga Texas Belt Buckle. Tesla’s Cyberquad for kids is their most expensive DOGE-only merch at 12,020 DOGE.

Musk’s other company SpaceX is walking in Tesla’s footsteps as it also began accepting Dogecoin payments for its merch earlier this year. Musk appears very keen on supporting DOGE, he reaffirmed his views about the token recently. This was after the meme coin faced allegations of a Ponzi scheme during a $258B lawsuit. 

I will keep supporting Dogecoin,” was Musk’s response. 

Tesla Could Be Referencing Former Twitter Head of Security

Interestingly, the Cyberwhistle launch comes as Musk prepares for a high-profile legal case. Earlier this year the billionaire attempted to acquire Twitter but pulled out of the $44M deal due to certain issues. Musk claimed the Twitter execs had not been straightforward about the number of bots and false accounts on the platform.

In a statement before the US senate, Twitter’s ex-head of security Peiter Zatko may have confirmed Musk’s allegations. Zatko argues that Twitter is not aware of how many spam bots are on the social media platform. However, Zatko says, what the company does know points toward an issue bigger than they would like to publicly admit. 


Musk’s lawyers subpoenaed Zatko as a witness in their imminent court hearing just a few weeks ago. Only a short while later, Tesla rolled out the Cyberwhistle. Many believe Zatko’s presence in the Twitter case could turn the tides in the Tesla billionaire’s favor.

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