The Bitcoin Network Is As Healthy As Ever

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Active Entities Growth

In today’s issue, we’re covering the latest state, health and growing valuation of the Bitcoin network. As price faces another major cyclical all-time high drawdown seen several times over bitcoin’s lifetime, there are growing fundamentals under the surface that continue to set higher floors for valuation.


Looking at the chart below, active entities have more than doubled since 2016 — from 126,904 to 255,333. The past two cycle tops were preceded by elevated growth and spikes in active entities, reaching 376,549 and 432,636 in 2016 and 2021 respectively. As each cycle has printed new highs in active entities, the subsequent bottoms have seen a trend of higher lows. This paints a clear picture of the growing number of new “users” that are using Bitcoin’s on-chain transactions over time.

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