The CandyDEX Token Is Ready To Hit the Moon. Big Whales Hold More than 23% of “CANDYDEX” Tokens

  • 48.4 Million CANDYDEX tokens bought by crypto whales
  • 160k+ Account holders
  • We build the world’s best DEX Platform with multi networks support
  •  Diverse Ecosystem: Financial Services, Exchange, and swap
  • Experienced Team: Leaders who brought you, Uniswap, and Convex Finance
  • Have burnt 16% of the CandyDex Tokens as an initial move
  • Token Audited by reputed firms

CandyDEX (CANDYDEX) is top among the cryptocurrencies projected to perform well this month, and that’s what the token has done so far. The CandyDEX IDO price has been among the best performing crypto IDO sales today compared to even the biggest cryptocurrencies like Uniswap, 1 Inch. That’s why whales from major cryptocurrencies like Uniswap and Pancakeswap are joining CandyDEX and have been buying CANDYDEX this month. But what is CandyDEX doing right that attracts so many investors, including whales from such large crypto projects.

CandyDEX performance from April has been incredible. The token has been skyrocketing while most of the cryptocurrencies have been plummeting. During the plunges that have hit the market in the past few days from last month, CandyDEX was among the tokens that maintained a bullish growth during the bearish market. 

So many factors have driven the CANDYDEX token growth, and the IDO sale being launched is playing a significant role. That is why large numbers of investors from Uniswap, Pancake, and 1Inch are joining the CANDYDEX token. The CandyDEX team has also promised to add the ultimate DEX platform and multichain network to this project at the end of 2022. These are factors making CandyDEX stand out as one of the best IDO investments of 2022 and the reason it is attracting big whales.

Why Do Whales Buy CandyDEX Token (CANDYDEX)?

The crypto market has been in a bearish phase over the past three months, but experts believe there is a lot of interest from mature users who have been indulging in long-term investing rather than just trading. We see quite a few investors actively pursuing systematic investment plans in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) rather than investing lump-sum amounts in these cryptocurrencies. These trends depict that despite the fall in prices, the overall market structure is improving with the growing pie of mature investors and new users entering the crypto market.

For a short period, whales have been interested in CANDYDEX investment. The scenario has recently taken a steep upward path since CANDYDEX IDO went well as the only crypto doing well in the present market. Recently, as per the latest reports, 4 major crypto whales have purchased 48.4 Million CANDYDEX tokens worth US$4.84 Million.

A crypto whale bought 10 million CANDYDEX tokens in a single transaction worth US$1 million.

Another whale bought 12.8 million CANDYDEX tokens in a single transaction worth US $1.28 million,

Another one bought 11.6 million CANDYDEX tokens in a single transaction worth US $1.16 million

And other one bought 14 million CANDYDEX tokens in a single transaction worth US $1.4 million

During the intense stage of the Russia-Ukraine fiasco, crypto whales were found moving their funds to CANDYDEX. Statistically, it has been such an enormous achievement for CandyDEX that it might just have created history. After all, there has rarely been a token before that managed to gain such an immense amount of attraction during a token sale in just 45 days.

How High Will the Token Reach?

However, if it maintains the same rate at which the token is growing currently, the token starts with a good IDO price of 0.1 USD in round-1, and for round-3, it will be 1 USD. Everyone will get a 500X profit for the second round price of 0.5 USD. So If this does happen, the token’s price may jump 1,000X higher in the 3rd round, and it would probably be the biggest price jump of 2022, making CANDYDEX the first DEX token to attain this precious mark.

What Is CANDYDEX Token?

CANDYDEX is the governance token of CANDYDEX. It is a decentralized exchange on Etherscan, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avax, Fantom & USDT. Trading in the CANDYDEX token (CANDYDEX) allows crypto-holders to participate in the governance of this finance protocol as they enter to explore the space of decentralized finance (DeFi). CANDYDEX (CANDYDEX) is a cryptocurrency deployed on POLYGON Smart Chain(MATIC). Unlike other decentralized exchanges, CANDYDEX tokens allow holders to buy ETH, BNB, MATIC, AVAX, FTM & TRON-based crypto coins, which is termed a “swap”. The action is seen as a more liquid way of exchanging large amounts of crypto.


CANDYDEX will hold an Initial Dex Offering on 25th April. The IDO will happen on CANDYDEX.

Round 1: 25/4/2022 Price: 0.1USD

Round 2: will be announced after round 1, Price: 0.5USD

Round 3: will be announced after round 2, Price: 1USD

Bonus on IDO Sale Round-1

Following an oversubscribed and successful pre-IDO sale, CANDYDEX has officially achieved its goal of 5.5 Million. The sale will be extended; as the market fluctuations are causing a delay in their IDO sale as agreed before the second round sale started, This final closing time will occur at 4 p.m. EST in June. 16th, 2022. CANDYDEX Special bonus for users to participate in their IDO sale. The existing user will get a token bonus of 10% on 17th May 2022, and the new user will get 15% on their new token purchase.

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