The Importance Of Vibrant Community Management In Scaling Blockchain Projects

Community is Everything

Building a loyal and engaged community is essential for businesses in this modern world, as doing so can be the difference between success and failure. The advent and polarity of social media have provided companies and brands with an avenue to engage their audience and build an online society. Therefore, investing in building a vibrant community is imperative for companies with designs for long-term brand success.

Community Management And The Network Effect

Community management is how companies build and maintain an engaged audience around its brand, goods, or services via social media. At its core, it is about relationships and how an organization can take advantage of technology to engage with their communities in public online spaces. Consequently, community management is necessary for companies that intend to connect with their audience and turn them into loyal brand customers, participants or investors.

The importance of community management is even more critical within the blockchain industry due to the Network effect phenomenon. The network effect is when the value of a network, good, or service increases as its user base grows. This occurrence has been observed with the emergence of Telephones and newer connection platforms like the social media, with the value of these technologies growing as more users adopt them.

Similarly, Bitcoin and the crypto industry have attained global acclaim due to the strength of belief which stems from the number of enthusiasts that make up its growing community. From being a relative proof of concept introduced in 2008, Bitcoin has grown into one of the world’s most valuable asset. Like in social media and telecommunications, the network effect also plays out in the blockchain industry, making effective community management more essential.

Problems Faced In Crypto Communities

Crypto communities face many problems that are tackled easily through adequate community management. Some of these issues include scammers posing in the communities to rip off unsuspecting members, price manipulation due to speculation in the community. Others are the need to proffer guidance to newbies or help with new products and misinterpretation, or outrightly wrong info that may lead to FUD. 

These problems can derail a crypto project if not handled adequately and promptly. They can be addressed through proper community engagement, the creation of in-house content and tutorials, and effective monitoring of communities, all remits of community management.

Social volume chart on Telegram. Source: Santiment

Furthermore, poor community management can negatively impact the growth of a community, especially in a crypto market downturn. The chart above shows the social volume across Telegram of the word “crypto”. Santiment is an on-chain metric that measures the social activities on different social media platforms like Telegram, Reddit. A noticeable decline can be seen since January 2022, coinciding with the current crypto winter. This indicates an overall disinterest among crypto enthusiasts. Nonetheless, projects can still record organic growth through proper community management despite the general detachment.

Overall, the role and importance of a vibrant, engaged community to the success of a project cannot be overemphasized. A good community attracts more believers and raises the chances of a project’s survival in the long run. Having a good community means having a loyal user base that can advocate for your brand and argue on its behalf. 

WeCova Has Your Community Management Needs Covered

With the importance of community management for blockchain projects established, finding the perfect community management agency becomes paramount. However, that should not be a challenge because WeCova has got you covered.

WeCova is a leading community management agency that provides top-of-the-range services to blockchain and cryptocurrency brands. At WeCova, we understand that a vibrant community is the bedrock of any project. We know that community is everything! Therefore we strive to build and maintain one for our partner projects to help them achieve their goals. 

WeCova, builds, grows, and manages sustainable communities for blockchain projects while creating adequate awareness for their product and services. This is achieved through tailor-made strategies and management of required content, building and moderating social media communities, and handling all digital marketing needs. By offering an experienced team of moderators, marketers, and content creators, Wecova ensures your project needs are met promptly and professionally.

What WeCova Offers

WeCova offers various services that make us an ideal choice to handle the multiple aspects of your blockchain project. These services are provided with utmost professionalism, thought, and flexibility to meet our partner communities’ needs while ensuring constant growth. These services include:

  • Community Management: By cultivating healthy relationships between projects and the supporting communities, WeCova helps to convert community members into loyal brand ambassadors. Through our understanding that adequate customer support is essential to the success of a blockchain project, we provide professional, high-quality customer support across several social media platforms. These include Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Medium, and Youtube.
  • PR and Marketing: Through research-oriented and detail-driven marketing plans tailored to the specific need of a project, we capture the project’s intrinsic value. This enables us to convey the project’s essence to prospective customers in a sophisticated and appealing way.
  • Social Media Management: With social media becoming a strong branding tool, we ensure our clients are not left behind. We ensure that their social platforms project their best leg forward while carefully curating an excellent image that provides good exposure.
  • Listing Service: We ensure our clients get listed on relevant platforms to provide maximum visibility. We offer comprehensive analysis and advice on the most effective approach to getting the desired results from listing your project.
  • Translation: We provide the best website, whitepaper and pitch deck translations for targeted audience in various countries and regions.

Our Experience

WeCover has collaborated with leading blockchain projects and recorded great success. Our partners include; DuckDao, Meta Fighters, Chipstars, Tryhards, Klon, Phore, and Void. Our working relationships with this esteemed clientele list have brought tangible successes highlighted below.

  • For the past two years, a core team member has collaborated with DuckDao, helping to grow and manage their community with great success. Since the collaboration commenced, the DuckDao community has grown significantly from 12,000 to 20,000 members.
  • WeCova helped MetaFighter handle its community from the project’s inception including listing and through its early stages. We grew the community from 0 to 15,000 members in over 12 months.
  • Tryhards also benefited immensely from collaborating with WeCova, who managed the community from its launch to its IDO. We nurtured the community to over 25,000 members at the peak of last year’s crypto market rally.

One thing is clear, WeCova understands that a strong community and long-term success for blockchain projects are intertwined. Hence, we strive to build, manage and grow one for our partners to ensure they thrive. 

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