The Melon: Industry Giants Launch Web3 Incubator

Forget Silicon Valley. How about Web3 Greenery? Meet ‘The Melon.’


  • Melon v1.0 Launches
  • Bringing the Next Billion Users to Blockchain

Melon v1.0 Launches

Building dApps and crypto protocols require significant dedication. Oftentimes developers bootstrap their dApp without any funding, support or advising. In order to build future-proof applications, crypto and Web3 builders need launchpads. Beyond just capital support, this nascent industry requires full-spectrum incubators to create polished, game-changing applications. Just as Y-Combinator has done for Silicon Valley start-ups, The Melon seeks to do for Web3 dApps.

On Wednesday, v1.0 of the Melon launched. Aimed at being an advanced incubator for Web3 companies, the Melon is ripe with industry leaders. Top executives from both the crypto and traditional finance world are advising the Melon. Leaders from Circle, (the company behind USDC) Algorand, Arweave, Uber, Consensys and Facebook, just to name a few. These experts will assist in everything from token-design to developer recruiting, regulation, decentralized governance, protocol growth, and more.

Bringing the Next Billion Users to Blockchain

The Melon seeks to “bring the next 1B users onto blockchains by building protocols for everyday users and the infrastructure to support them.” As an incubator, the Melon is designed to supercharge promising Web3 projects. With the resources and expertise at their disposal, the chances of success are significantly optimized. Interested builders can either apply to build a project with the Melon, join an existing project, or apply to lead a project.


Based on the above playbook, Melon seeks to streamline Web3 ideas and furnish them into fully shipped products. There is no money needed upfront to build, and ideas for projects are  validated and refined by stalwart entities such as Coinbase and Uniswap. This full spectrum approach to curate sophisticated Web3 projects is greatly needed in the currently opaque crypto space. More often than not, protocols are built in a haphazard manner, leaving gaping holes in UX, security, and fundamental longevity.

Builders on Melon are able to allocate pre-seed capital, consult cryptography experts, community builders, economists, and regulatory firms to ensure every box is checked for a pristine launch. The Melon is exactly the type of polished and serious infrastructure you would expect to see in a climate where Web3 is more than merely a buzzword. When browsing their slick website, it is evident that we are moving beyond the days of two-bit money grabs running roughshod over the crypto space.


For anything significant to come out of Web3, there needs to be thoughtful infrastructure like Melon that can rival the magnetism and cultural force of Silicon Valley. To get everyday users on-board, the UX (user experience) of Web3 needs to address the ‘ease-of-use’ problem inhibiting accessibility. The present terrain of Web3 and crypto dApps assume users are deft enough to navigate these new waters. Melon appears to understand this; seemingly aware of the needed simplicity to harvest the vast crop of would be Web3.

Move over Silicon Valley, meet Web3 Greenery. Apply here.