Top 3 Upcoming Solana NFT Projects

There are several blockchain networks in the cryptocurrency ecosystem with their unique set of advantages and disadvantages. While some networks such as Ethereum and Polygon are more suited for token-focused projects, other projects, such as NFT-based projects, look for blockchain networks like Solana or Cardano. 

Solana Network has become one of the go-to blockchain networks for developing metaverse-based and NFT projects. There are several upcoming releases on the Solana blockchain. Let’s take a look at the top 3 upcoming Solana NFT Projects. 

Cyber Rabbit 

Cyber Rabbit is a decentralized NFT project that runs primarily on the Solana blockchain network and aims to capitalize on the earning aspect of the NFT industry while exploring the metaverse universe. Cyber Rabbit is a collection of the coolest rabbits in the metaverse and is powered by a $CARROT token.

The $CARROT token is minted automatically upon the release of Cyber Rabbit’s Genesis Collection. Apart from the Genesis collection, Cyber Rabbit will also release the Main Collection and a 2nd Generation Collection. The minting for Genesis Collection will begin on 14th June at 8 AM UTC. 

Cyber Rabbit also takes a charitable approach and aims to help animals while generating awareness about the importance of helping pets in need through sheltering, adoption, education, and community outreach.

Bottled Axolotls

Bottled Axolotls is a collection of 4,200 NFTs that are generated randomly when minting by mixing different characteristic traits. The project is currently offering early access, and the mint price is 2 SOL. 

The projects offered an immersive P2E game, and the number of NFTs is flexible and can be increased with the success of the game. Users can also breed Axolotls to win several rewards that are associated with these NFTs. One Axolotl can win a 100 SOL giveaway, and the early holders are also eligible for the exclusive discord channel and title. 

Bottled Axolotls will also be releasing a turn-based combat strategy game along with a 4D Arena for the holders to combat in real-time. 

Origin Wars NFT

Origin Wars NFT has a Doxxed team and offers 7500 NFTs divided into three factions called Seth, Kauil and KRIP. While the SETH NFTs were launched earlier last month for 0.75 $SOL, KAUIL two weeks earlier, the last collection, KRIP, will be released in June. 

The Origin Wars Solana NFT Art is a representation of different aliens representing pop culture, anime and other well-known character traits. The project has gained massive popularity on social media and is one of the top three NFT upcoming projects on Solana. 

These are the top three upcoming NFT projects on the Solana blockchain network. Let us know if you know any more. 

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