Top 6 Steps To Survive And Earn Massive Gains During Crypto Bear Market

The market is back in red with the Fear and Greed Index in extreme fear for now. Traders may be suffering from the bear market.

In the latest video, Cameron Fous, an expert in the crypto market, has revealed the top 6 steps to survive and earn massive gains in the bear market.

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Step 1

The first step to surviving during a bear market is to get rid of bull market strategies when the trend flips. Traders can identify it through trendX indicator, 50MA breakdown, Weekly bearish moves, or watch for US30 price action.

The more you expose yourself to chaos, the more mistakes you’re going to make, the more emotional you get. And the more emotional you get, the harder it is to make rational decisions. Then, you lose even more money and farther down.

The biggest tip for this is when you identify a trend flip, and we are in a short-term bear trend, get rid of all your crypto, and also get rid of all the strategies that you were once using. Because you have to understand market environments change markets move in cycles and you can’t use the same strategy year-round whether you have one strategy that’s just buying dips and buying breakouts that work only maybe six months out of the year. The biggest things are identifying trend flips and getting out of the market.

Step 2

The second step to surviving during a bear market is to put a large position of your portfolio in interest-bearing accounts.

The number one place that Cameron would do this step is Anchor Protocol, which is on the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem. You can earn money every day with the APY up to 19%. This is the highest safest stablecoin that you can be staking along the way. 19% APY on a big position of my money in crypto, you can stake and earn interest on.

Step 3

The third step is to downsize your positions vastly or sideline until the market is back in your favor. This could last 3 to 6 months or it can last a year or 2. We don’t know how long this is going to last.

If you lost all your money in the downturn and had no mental capacity to shift and actually take advantage of this opportunity. You missed it. So it’s important that you don’t everything up while everything’s dropping and have the patience to wait for the right chart patterns to set up before you get back in.

Step 4

Step four to survive on the bear market is if you are going to buy in, only buy bear traps deep into the support and demand zone. This takes a lot of patience. Don’t run around buying into breakouts and chasing the moves to the upside.

What you have to do is to wait patiently for things to break down. We want to look for places where people are going to be placing their stops in a bear trap or a bullet trap is simply a bunch of people just getting stopped out and then the market actually flips off that.

Step 5

The next step is to shorten into a deep resistance supply zone on bear traps. There is always one last spike. What you have to do is to look for tops and bottoms. They are triggered by bull traps and bear traps.

Step 6

The last step is when the trends have officially flipped the charts will have formed back up and revival patterns will start showing themselves. This is when you can confidently start going balls deep and the potential bull market is ahead of us.