Top Crypto Marketing Agencies to Promote Your Cryptocurrency Project in 2022

Nowadays, launching a crypto project can be a daunting task for most developers, especially considering the competition. This report claims that the industry amasses over 18,000 cryptocurrencies as of March 2022. Whether you focus on NFTs, DeFi, or any other crypto-related activity, you will have to face stiff competition.

Fortunately, you can gain a competitive advantage over your peers with the help of crypto marketing agencies. These services cover all the promotional aspects your project needs to get into the spotlight ahead of the competition. And, you can stay there for a long time if you opt for the best marketing agencies in crypto.

Today, we look closely at the top crypto marketing agencies in 2022. Read on to discover which crypto advertising company is best for promoting your project!

1. CryptoVirally

CryptoVirally has started from humble beginnings to reach the top of the crypto marketing sector. They combined a decade-long experience in promotions and advertising with increasing knowledge of cryptocurrencies to create a full-service suite of crypto marketing services and solutions.

The company offers all the necessary marketing tools for moving your project out of anonymity and into the investors’ spotlight. With CryptoVirally, you can build brand awareness, promote NFTs, manage your crypto community, and take social media by storm.

All CryptoVirally services are customizable, which means you benefit from tailor-cut solutions according to your budget and strategy. Some of our best-selling services include press releases, NFT promotions, content management, crypto AMA sessions, and viral marketing.

As part of their full brand development strategy, they enable project owners to promote their projects through high-quality content on top-trending websites in the crypto community. Also, they help you with social media and influencer marketing solutions to engage with investors, traders, and followers everywhere.

The CryptoVirally portfolio includes top brands like Bitrue Exchange, Bithumb Global, Bityard, Unicrypt, Shrimpy, CoinStats, LCX, MyCointainer and many others. You can join their ranks by opting for our services today. Apply for a free 30-minute consultation and find out how you can take your project to a whole new level.

2. Viral Nation

The next best crypto marketing agency on our list is Viral Nation. This multinational digital marketing company specializes in content creation and promotions of blockchain-based and Web3.0 projects. Its service offer also includes influencer talent management, analytics, and social media strategy-building, among others.

Unlike other marketing agencies, Viral Nation focuses on promoting creators who can become influencers themselves. So, it has a more individual approach when advertising a project. Nevertheless, the company helps all its clients grow their online presence and become standout brands within their niches.

The Viral Nation team consists of expert marketing, licensing, and PR professionals. Its multi-skilled collective helped the company earn multiple awards and attract a rich portfolio of globally-renowned brands. For example, its clients include Disney, Uber, ModCloth, Movado, and Anheuser-Busch.

Recently, the company has expanded its service offering to include promotional tools for crypto projects. This way, it aims to empower brands and creators to build successful and sustainable projects on the blockchain.

One of its most customer-appreciated services is helping newbies mint their first NFTs. In this regard, Viral Nation promotes NFT collections into a broad influencer marketing landscape and enables them to earn exposure and community support.

3. NeoReach

NeoReach is an industry-leading marketing agency using an extensive network of influencers with global reach to promote projects. The company also employs bottomless data pools to create the best conditions for online promotions regardless of the project. So far, the agency’s portfolio has attracted household brands, such as Airbnb, Walmart, and Amazon.

One aspect that sets NeoReach apart from other marketing services is its storytelling approach to promotional content. This strategy helps each brand gain a unique and authentic image even if they provide similar services.

Other NeoReach solutions include promoting decentralized projects and Web3.0 initiatives. Clients can use the agency’s multi-tool suite to build awareness for blockchain projects, advertise NFT collections and develop high-quality content. Furthermore, it helps established projects retarget audiences and reinvent themselves through an expert-guided rebranding process.

NeoReach uses its numerous collaborators and influencers to boost a project’s reliability across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social platforms. Clients can opt for customizable services with flexible prices, depending on their budgets and goals. Lastly, the agency’s marketing campaigns activate less than one week to help projects get off the ground as quickly as possible.


These three crypto marketing agencies are currently at the top of the industry. They provide the necessary tools to make your project stand out and attract the community support it deserves. Your roadmap must include their services if you wish to go beyond the initial development stage.

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