Tuxi – A Charity-Based Token for Cat Lovers

As cryptocurrencies move toward mass adoption, we discover new applications for blockchain technology every day. Today we will talk about Tuxi, the “official feline charity token”, as the project’s founders described it.

This ongoing initiative has shared several details that we will sum up in our impartial review. We will start with a brief reminder of Tuxi’s mission and vision, moving to more detailed matters.

About Tuxi

The project’s team describes Tuxi as a community-based, charity-driven cryptocurrency. The initiative will develop in four different directions:

  • Sheltering cats
  • Covering vet expenses for cats’ treatments and cures
  • Trading digital assets
  • Adopting cats in a digital or physical way

The project took its inspiration from Floki, and the following subsections will tell you more about Tuxi.

The main pillars of the project

The official Twitter page of the project sums up Tuxi’s core as follows:

  • The project will have an interactive Dapp to handle donations through a crypto wallet.
  • Tuxi will reach investors through a secure Unycrypt contract, as the team claims.
  • The token will soon debut on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap following the conclusion of the Fast Track procedure.
  • The project will keep a relatively small raise/cap value.
  • $TUXI will be a tax-free token, and we will provide more details on the matter in the following section.

A quick overview of the token

The native token of the project – named $TUXI – will soon see the end of its initial liquidity offering (ILO) on Unycrypt. The data on Unycrypt helps investors understand more about the token, with several details:

  • $TUXI will run on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a popular choice in this market niche.
  • The soft cap of the initiative will be equal to 50 $BNB, with a hard cap of 180 $BNB.
  • The ILO operation should start on February 27th, ending on the next day.
  • The team has decided to lock 60% of the project’s liquidity for six months.

We remind you that the choice of locking away liquidity is a typical step to gaining investors’ confidence in the crypto world. Many teams collect money from investors only to disappear and scam them, and the market demands operations to reduce this risk.

The token allocation will work as follows:

  • Presale (620,000,000,000.00 tokens)
  • Project’s liquidity (364,560,000,000.00 tokens)
  • Fees (12’400’000’000.00 tokens)
  • Unlocked liquidity (3,040,000,000.00 tokens)

Therefore, the total supply of $TUXI will be equal to 1,000,000,000,000.00 coins. The team will burn tokens over time to sustain its price floor in a deflationary manner.

The team decided not to impose any tax on transactions. This choice will make the whole donation process entirely voluntary.

What do we know about the team?

The team describes itself as a group of experienced professionals coming from different areas. From developers to artists and from graphic designers to gamers, the founders claim to possess a broad set of experience.

The Tuxi ecosystem 

The Tuxi ecosystem will consist of four main features:

  • Tuxi University: studying veterinary can be an expensive decision in economic terms. The team mentions how vets tend to have extremely high costs-to-income ratios worldwide. Therefore, this part of the project will support veterinarians in completing their studies.
  • Tuxi Kennel: by joining this structure, anyone will be able to adopt (digitally or not) cats in the United States.
  • Tuxi Marketplace: Tuxi will let its community buy and sell merchandise and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) globally.
  • Tuxi Hat Draw: furthermore, the system will launch a desktop and mobile raffle app with daily prizes.

The next steps in the Tuxi pipeline

At the moment, we know that the team is working on its first Dapp, which will allow collecting donations from crypto wallets. Tuxi has created a charity wallet that will receive all the funds sent through the app.

The project will soon receive its KYC validation, as promised on its social platforms. This step represents another standard measure in the blockchain universe to reassure investors of a project’s seriousness.

Final Thoughts on Tuxi

Tuxi represents yet another new way to leverage the potential of blockchain technology. The team has only just begun investing in marketing operations, and traders will have time to judge its purpose and design.


In the meantime, anyone wishing to receive updates on Tuxi can connect to its official website and social media pages.

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