Uber To Roll Out In-app Crypto Payments Soon

Due to the change of events in 2022, every company is looking to enter the crypto world. Recently, the US cab giant Uber is planning to bring crypto payments to its app.

Reportedly, the Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi claimed in a recent interview that the company is going to collaborate with other tech giants like Tesla and Microsoft to initiate crypto payments.

Dara shared in the Bloomberg interview on Friday that Uber will initiate crypto payments “at some point” in the future. “This isn’t the right point,” he further added.

Moreover, Dara also stated that due to high transaction fees, the impact of digital mining on the power-consuming sector are the reasons why Uber still didn’t bring crypto payments.

Dara said that crypto currencies like Bitcoin are the most valuable assets as a store of value. Also, he’s waiting to see how the crypto market progresses in the near future.

“We’re having conversations all the time,” Dara said. “As the exchange mechanism becomes less expensive and becomes more environmentally friendly, I think you will see us leaning into crypto a little bit more,” he added.