UkraineDAO Organized for War Relief Efforts

  • Russian dissent band Pussy Riot is teaming up with PleasrDAO, Trippy Labs, and others to sort out a DAO for Ukrainian conflict aid projects.
  • The work expects to purchase NFTs of the Ukraine banner and give the returns to good causes supporting Ukraine inhabitants.
  • NFT printing is relied upon to start on Saturday, Feb. 26 with costs starting at simply over 0.08 ETH

A gathering of activists is making UkraineDAO raise assets for Ukrainian inhabitants impacted by Russia’s attack on the country.


Nadya Tolokonnikova, an established individual from Russian dissent rock band Pussy Riot, is helping to establish a DAO to raise assets for the Ukrainian conflict effort.

They want to raise assets to give to Ukrainian non military personnel associations who help those experiencing the conflict that Putin began in Ukraine, Pussy Riot tweeted on Thursday, Feb. 24. They’ll purchase a NFT of the Ukrainian banner.

The work will supposedly include the printing of one interesting, exceptionally estimated Ukraine banner NFT close to 10,000 Ukraine banner NFTs offered at lower costs to general financial backers.

Stamping is relied upon to start on Saturday, Feb. 26. The printing cost of the NFT will be 0.08241991 ETH (about $220) to pay tribute to Ukraine’s Declaration of Independence on Aug. 24, 1991.

UkraineDAO has supported two foundations: Come Back Alive, which has brought more than $4 million up in crypto throughout the course of recent days, and Proliska, a NGO helping inhabitants close to the East Ukraine contact line.

Notwithstanding the NFT deal, UkraineDAO will make a site to take crypto gifts and acknowledge customary assets. The gathering intends to coordinate the site with the Ethereum Name Service.

Pussy Riot Partners With NFT Veterans

Tolokonnikova, prevalently known as Nadya Tolokno, is an established individual from UkraineDAO. Tolokno is most popular for a controversial episode in 2012, when she was captured during an exhibition that barged in on a Russian Orthodox church.

The gathering additionally incorporates individuals from PleasrDAO, the gathering behind 2021’s FreeRossDAO good cause exertion, and individuals from Trippy Labs, a computerized workmanship aggregate engaged with past NFT pledge drives.

Different gatherings supporting the work incorporate the NFT commercial center OpenSea and the crypto trade MoonPay, as indicated by articulations from Trippy Labs cited in Fortune. Ooh Shiny, a crypto force to be reckoned with, has likewise given 10 ETH ($27,000) to the raising support effort.

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Different Groups Raising Funds

Different gatherings are raising money for Ukraine aid projects too. Matthew Liu, the author of Origin Protocol, is searching out makers to make a foundation NFT. Liu said that he will defer all returns and market  intensely. UkraineDAO has reached the Origin Protocol to work together, however an organization has not been affirmed.

Somewhere else in the crypto local area, different NFT makers have joined together in a work called RELI3F to help Ukraine. In the meantime, The Defiant likewise proposes that two different gatherings, Unchain Fund and HoleDAO are raising assets to a similar end.

Crypto pledge drives are reasonably becoming well known in Ukraine both because of more prominent media inclusion and because of the way that Ukraine has restricted computerized installments under military regulation.

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