Unstoppable Domains – A Beginner’s Guide

Unstoppable Domains are an intriguing and unique new option that is gaining traction in the crypto industry as more people become aware of them. Even though you may be inclined to dismiss them as simply another “crypto craze,” you may not want to be so hasty in your judgment.

Whether you have your wallet or just learning about crypto, unstoppable domains have some unique advantages that you might consider utilizing for your website.

This post will go over all you need to know about unstoppable domains in great detail.

A Bridge between Web2 and Web3

“Unstoppable Domains” is a startup from San Francisco that dreams of bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 via blockchain domains and other technologies. 

When you use an unstoppable domain, you can generate a blockchain-connected web address that looks very similar to a URL (e.g., Yourname.crypto). This converts a wallet address into a more straightforward and easily rememberable domain name. Your domain will be connected to decentralized applications (dApps) and crypto exchanges. 

Transacting with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the internet is simpler with these unstoppable domains. In other words, we are talking about a technology providing readable web addresses that take away the necessity to know a recipient’s public key address. 

Suppose you consider that this address is, in general, a bulky and lengthy string of letters and digits. In that case, the advantage of unstoppable domains is clear.

Unstoppable domains enable you to develop and upload decentralized websites to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a distributed file storage and peer-to-peer sharing system. 

When you purchase and register an unstoppable domain, you gain complete ownership over its name for life unless you sell it. Most importantly, you do not enjoy the same benefits when using standard online domain providers.

Understanding the Benefits of This Technology

If we had to list the main advantages of Unstoppable Domains, we could name at least the following three:

  • No censorship: Because they are built on the blockchain, domains registered with Unstoppable Domains are resistant to arbitrary takedowns or geographic blocking. On Unstoppable Domains, content that is considered controversial, such as activism, may be hosted in a safe and secure environment. Furthermore, no one can take down or undermine an Unstoppable Domains website, unless a corporation, state, or group owns it.
  • Complete ownership: In contrast to specific domains you rent, a domain from Unstoppable Domains is yours for the rest of your life. As a result, you have complete control over your domain name. You are free to sell or trade it without requiring a middleman or authority to approve the transaction.
  • Easy payments: When transmitting or receiving cryptocurrencies, you no longer have to deal with complicated wallet addresses that are difficult to remember. Inform the sender of the domain associated with the address used without the need to share an extended, complex code.

Alternatively, suppose you want to resell your domain. In that case, you may indicate that it is for sale and include a contact address next to it. For example, you can put your domain on sale on OpenSea (or other similar platforms). If you choose this path, a domain name becomes a digital collectible – like an NFT.

The Technology Making Unstoppable Domains Possible

Unstoppable Domains is based on the Crypto Name Service (CNS). This is a collection of Ethereum smart contracts that govern the creation and use of blockchain domains. ERC-721 tokens, also called NFTs, represent every CNS domain. 

Unlike other tokens, NFTs are original and indivisible and frequently depict one-of-a-kind digital objects. The adoption of the ERC-721 standard makes it simple for developers to connect unstoppable domains with other services. This allows customers to handle their crypto domain registration from any cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, or marketplace. 

The CNS uses two smart contracts: the Registry contract and the Resolver contract, working together to solve issues. The Registry contract is responsible for creating new crypto domains, subdomains, and the management of domain ownership. 

The Registry contract does not include an administrator. This means that no party, not even Unstoppable Domains, can administer or transfer your domains without your consent.

Resolver contracts are useful for various tasks, including resolving domain names. Also, they help convert the human-readable name into a bitcoin address, and maintain domain records.

External addresses and smart contracts can hold domains. This implies that a multi-signature wallet or a team of administrators blockchain can administer domains.

Final Thoughts

Unstoppable Domains currently mentions over 2.2 million registered domains and the support of more than 275 coins/tokens. The system supports several web browsers and is compatible with nearly 200 dApps.


Creating this new domain type represents another innovation made possible by blockchain technology. The market supports this instrument, and we will see how standard Web2 domain providers will react.

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