Unstoppable Domains Review – Why NFT Gamers Should Reserve Their Name or Gamertag

NFTs and gaming have gotten extremely popular in recent months, but most people are focusing on wearables, art, or PFP (profile pics).

There’s another aspect to the gaming world that could play a huge role – usernames and gamertags.

One of the first metaverse games to implement an in-game version of this was Decentraland.

You can reserve your avatar name and hold or sell it as an NFT. In fact, there’s a whole section on OpenSea for these names.

With the emergence of Web3, many have proposed that Ethereum or a blockchain with similar functionality will provide a universal login.

Meaning, instead of signing up with a username, email, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or similar account, you just connect your Web3 wallet like Metamask and you’re in.

This could streamline the entire process and create a sort of universal login that does not even require any user data to be handed over (meaning email, phone, KYC).

One way this could go down might be using Unstoppable Domains, which are basically NFT domains that have a variety of potential use cases:

nft domains - unstoppable domainsnft domains - unstoppable domains
Source: unstoppabledomains.com

As you can see, the first line says “universal username across apps and websites.”

Since it’s inception, Unstoppable Domains has released a number of domain extensions that are available:

  • .crypto
  • .coin
  • .wallet
  • .bitcoin
  • .x
  • .888
  • .nft
  • .dao
  • .blockchain

Looking at this list, the most obvious candidates for universal login, username, or gamer tag are .crypto, .wallet, and .nft.

In fact, there is a newly created “.wallet” alliance that consists of 30 wallet providers pushing for adoption of this extension of the standard.

How to Register an NFT Domain

The sign up process at Unstoppable Domains is very straightforward, allowing an email and password sign up. You can also use Google to sign in.

Once inside, the first thing I would do is enable Two Factor Authentication.

Click Account Settings in the top right and enable this.

2 factor authentication2 factor authentication

Next, search your domain from the top left side.

domain searchdomain search

The important point about Unstoppable Domains you need to know – there are no yearly renewal fees, like you need to do with traditional domains and ENS domains.

This means once a name is registered, it could be gone forever unless the person sells!

Even if you aren’t a gamer, these domains can be attached to crypto wallets, so you can request payments from people or even build a website by visiting them in a browser such as Brave browser.

Again, I recommend getting .crypto, .wallet, and .nft for your name or any businesses or brands that you have.

You could also consider registering a .bitcoin NFT domain since it could become useful later.

Claiming Domains with ETH

Once you purchase the domain, the process is technically not complete, because the basic sign in the for the platform does not communicate with the blockchain directly.

You have to visit the My Domains tab and officially assign your domains to an ETH address.

Domains not claimed look like this:

claim with ethclaim with eth

This will trigger a claiming method such as Metamask, and you will need to pay a gas fee to assign the domain. Therefore, it can be worth waiting until fees are low.

Potential NFT Domain Use Cases

Some time in the future, your NFT domain name might be your username or gamertag. If that’s the case, securing it now will be very important!

Logging in to any major dapp might request your ETH address, and if it accepts NFT domains from Unstoppable Domains, you could use that.

This lets you have one name across the metaverse or other applications.

Unstoppable Domains Review

In my opinion, this service is very easy to use and is the only place to buy a .wallet domain which might become the universal standard.

Therefore, I recommend buying all of your usernames, gamertags, and business brand names before someone else does!