Vector x Yeti Finance Liquidity Mining Partnership

Two of Avalanche’s top native protocols come together!

We are excited to announce Yeti Finance’s partnership with Vector Finance, the fourth largest Avalanche native DeFi protocol with over $200M total value locked.

Vector Finance enables users to generate boosted yields on their stablecoins or JOE LP deposits, even if they don’t own any PTP or JOE. Vector is able to do this by aggregating PTP and JOE from users who choose to convert their PTP or JOE on Vector.

What does this partnership mean?

Yeti Finance has committed to launching a joint liquidity mining incentive program with Vector Finance that incentivizes USDC deposits through Vector on the YUSD/USDC Platypus pair.

We have committed to 200K YETI rewards a week for the next four weeks, which will be equally matched by Vector Finance in their native governance token VTX.

This partnership allows us to more efficiently build YUSD liquidity through joint emissions. We’ve focused on the USDC side to prevent pool imbalances when there is significant demand for leverage on Yeti Finance.

Depositing Your Platypus Stablecoins

1. Navigate to the “Stake” tab on Vector Finance

yeti vector1 Avaxholic 4

2. Scroll down to the “Stake stablecoins” section of the page, and choose the YUSD/USDC token pair.

yeti vector2 Avaxholic 5

3. Enter the quantity of USDC you would like to stake. If it is your first time using the platform, you will have to approve your tokens for use with the contract by pressing the “Approve” button.

After that transaction has confirmed, you can press the “Deposit and Stake” button to deposit your tokens to Vector.

4. You can withdraw your tokens at any time using the “Withdraw” tab on the selected pool.

yeti vector3 Avaxholic 6

About Vector Finance

Vector Finance is a protocol that synergistically integrates with Platypus Finance and Trader Joe. Vector enables users to generate boosted yields on their stablecoins or JOE LP deposits, even if they don’t own any PTP or JOE.

Discord | Telegram | Docs | Website

About Yeti Finance

Yeti Finance is a next-gen decentralized borrowing protocol built on Avalanche. This innovative protocol enables users to borrow up to 21x against their entire portfolio for a 0% interest fee, while continuing to earn farming rewards for deposited assets.

Unlock deep liquidity, borrow at the lowest collateral ratios, and borrow against your entire portfolio to gain better protection against liquidations.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium

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