Warner Music Group Joins Forces with Splinterlands to Launch P2E Games

Entertainment giant Warner Music Group shared news of a collaboration with blockchain game developer, Splinterlands.

P2E Games to Bolster WMG Artists

By joining forces, both companies will become pioneers in an emerging field. In recent times play-to-earn gaming and non-fungible tokens have grown in popularity. Various entities have explored how NFTs can be integrated with the music industry. P2E games featuring NFTs as in-game assets are also becoming a popular phenomenon. However, a merger between all three sectors is a first. 

WMG and Splinterlands will work side-by-side to build and release games that incorporate the arcade gaming model. Both companies have their sights set on large-scale adoption and setting up an extensive community. As part of their efforts to achieve this, the games will be mobile-friendly and offer easy access.

P2E games have evolved into an integral part of the crypto space. Players enjoy the experience while simultaneously acquiring assets with actual value. The record label aims to take advantage of the pull of this industry to turn the spotlight on its artists, and their work.

Oana Ruxandra Chief Digital Officer for the record company enthused about the opportunity presented by this industry. He also shared that by creating the games WMG will be providing its artists with new income streams:

As we build,” said Ruxandra, “we will be unlocking new revenue streams for our artists while further solidifying fans’ participation in value created.”

NFTs on the other hand will help artists make better profits from their art. In late 2020, they also grew popular as a way for musicians to connect with their supporters. WMG appears conscious of this as Ruxandra noted that the games could help foster fan participation.

Introducing Innovation to the Music Industry

WMG’s new partner Splinterlands seems pleased with the alliance. Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, CEO and one of the gaming company’s founders referred to Warner Music Group as a leading company in the music industry, and one doubly interested in crypto as well. This is far from idle praise, especially considering  WMG’s involvement in the metaverse game, Sandbox, in the past. WMG bought its first music-focused theme park in the Sandbox verse last month.

According to Reich, the record company brings innovation to the music industry as well as Web 3. These advancements ensure the sector can hit the benchmark set by participants in the Web 3 community. 


By partnering with Splinterlands, WMG is well on its way to achieving its goals as a leading proponent in Web3 technology. Notably, Splinterlands runs one of the biggest blockchain games DApps in existence. The P2E trading card game will bear the company’s name and is hosted on the Hive blockchain.

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