What Makes XRP Unique?

What Is XRP Coin?

For starters, it is essential to distinguish between RippleNet, XRP coin and Ripple.

XRP is currency that operates on a virtual platform known as RippleNet, which is on peak of a dispersed ledger database known as XRP Ledger. While RippleNet is under the command of an organization known as Ripple. XRP Ledger is non-proprietary and is not blockchain-based, but instead, aas formerly mentioned distributed ledger database.

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XRP is a crypto asset customized as a Bitcoin alternative, with a concentration on offering trustless, immediate, and inexpensive cross-border transactions. Similar to Bitcoin, XRP depends upon an open ledger known as XRP ledger for keeping details regarding transactions.

What Makes XRP Coin Unique?

Network of Payment developed on ledger doesn’t need reliable verifier nodes to attain consensus in quicker time and upkeep the transaction ledger — roundabout every 3-5 secs. These trusted nodes are together known as UNL or Unique Node List.

Therefore, dissimilar to Bitcoin, and its PoW consensus protocol, XRP ledger uses a consensus algorithm centered on FBA or Federated Byzantine Agreement model.

Since Ripple Ledger doesn’t need mining, its indigenous token, XRP, was mined in advance and released in 2013. Total of 100 Billion XRP coins were premined. As of now, XRP has a circulating supply of 47.83 Billion. It is worth noting that folks can make transactions with other crypto assets in Ripple ecosystem.

Who Are Ripple Partners?

Among Ripple’s prime use cases is to clear the way for cross-border transactions. To attain this goal, XRP had joined forces with several top-notch monetary institutions to effectively utilize its facilities.

For instance before MoneyGram and Ripple partnership concluded in March 2021, they teamed up, where MoneyGram utilized XRP’s Forex settlement product and cross-border transaction facility.

In June 2020, banking leviathan Banco Santander, based in Spain, joined forces with XRP to utilize its One Pay FX facility — a combinely developed cross-border transaction system.

In November 2020, Bank of America affirmed to be a RippleNet user, alongside Satander, Standard Chartered and more.

What Is The Technology Behind XRP Coin?

Ripple Foundation is a shared open ledger utilized by network partakers to interchange values internationally. Supermajority of verifiers is needed for the network to reach consensus to verify transactions executed across the network.

Ripple Inc. has concentration on combining user validation protocols so network partakers can define which user is trustable and how much they can trust them. THis leads to “Ripple” effect across the network.

In short, if a couple of users without a direct relationship executes a transaction on the network, It will “Ripple” externally, seeking a path to connect folks together through their reliable relationships to finish transaction.

How Is This Useful For New Users?

For new users, Ripple Inc. upkeeps a distinct node list users can select by default depicting verifiers with a history of trustful operating on Ripple network.

Cross-currency payments usually take nominally 3 to 5 seconds to process across ledger. Once executed, XRP’s pathfinding mechanism recognizes swiftest and cheapest means to finish the transaction. 

To motivate in developing a strong ecosystem around ledger, XRP upkeeps a diverse number of APIs, to assist nodes and other parties for interaction based upon standard of REST API. Wallet and invoicing solutions enable businesses to put it together as payment option for folks.

How Do You Trade XRP Coin?

XRP is available on any cryptocurrency exchange that allows crypto trading. It can be acquired through fiat currencies also. Most prominent crypto exchanges to buy or sell XRP are Coinbase, Binance, KuCoin, ByBit, FTX, and many more.

Additionally, Ripple Ledger involves a built in DEX, enabling folks to trade it for other digital assets. 


Securities and Exchange Commission threw a bomb on Ripple back in 2020, when it filed a lawsuit against XRP, alleging that it is not a currency rather it is a security, so it should be treated under tight regulations,  giving rise to one of the most heated cases: XRP vs SEC.

Although the case is strong, recent news regarding soon-to-be-unveiled documents from the side of XRP may strengthen their grip on the case.

The crypto asset surged to 30% recently after New York federal court judged ordered the docs to be unsealed. Many made predictions that these documents may reveal that crypto organizations got legitimate advice from outside law organizations, concluding that XRP does not represent security.

XRP vs SEC lawsuit is still on, and it is expected to see more details regarding the case as it moves further in time.

Will XRP Coin Price Recover From Its Downfall?

Ripple reached its all time high back in 2018, where it crossed $3 in terms of its market value. But it started to fall significantly. One of the reasons was the exclusion of Korean market prices of XRP by CoinMarketCap, inflicting a loss of $20 Billion in its market capitalization.

Another anticipated reason was coin’s rally itself, as at the point, investors had a chance of making high profits, causing higher sales of coin. As elaborated by eToro’s  UK managing director, Iqbal Gandham, that a particular amount of this event was “Inevitable”.

However, XRP’s downfall was significant, and it hasn’t seen much signs of recovery. Many prominent entities are optimistic XRP recovery. As per TradingBeasts, Ripple might will probably move to $1.62 by the end of this year. WalletInvestors, an organization associated with crypto forecasts, sees XRP price staying above $1.70, and may cross $2 by this year’s end.

Looking at this optimistic approach folks can anticipate how much potential this crypto asset holds. We must not forget about XRP Vs. Ethereum case, which can prove to be a groundbreaker and may play a vital role in its recovery.

XRP Coin: A Good Investment?

Ripple network is providing folks what they seek the most, instant transactions. THis is one of the reason it is adopted by myriad of holders and is available on almost all crypto exchanges.

Also, soon to be revealed documents in XRP vs SEC lawsuit might prove to be a revolutionary in terms of XRP price. So, yes, folks can consider buying XRP as it has a potential to grow in future.

A prominent cryptocurrency analyst also made predictions regarding XRP price, stating that it may rally to $20-30 at some point in 2022.

Ripple Live Price

As this article was being written, XRP was trading at a market value of $0.7724. If folks had purchased the coin at its initiation, then they would’ve been swimming in profits of 13055%.