With Over $12M Raised In Total Funding, OCAVU Network Is Supporting Brands, Athletes, and Influencers By Helping Them Reclaim Ownership Of Their Content

With Over $12M Raised In Total Funding, OCAVU Network Is Supporting Brands, Athletes, and Influencers By Helping Them Reclaim Ownership Of Their Content

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Summary: OCAVU Network leverages Web3 to give creators more control over their content and financial destiny.

LEHI, UTAH / SEPTEMBER 8, 2022 / The launch of OCAVU Network, an innovative and patent-pending utility engine for the Web3 environment indicates that digital experiences, such as NFTs and tokens, can now be easily assigned, distributed, and activated by companies and influencers in order to foster a sense of community among their consumers.

From blockchain to NFTs, XR/AR, and digital tokens, OCAVU equips businesses and influencers with simple solutions for Web3 digital interaction. Brands, including Brigham Young University, MaryRuth Organics, and Social Mixtape, have used the OCAVU Network to join the blockchain, contributing to its rapid expansion and growing income during its eight-month beta phase. By simplifying the procedure for community administrators and end-users alike, Ocavu’s Web3 ecosystem unleashes the potential of NFTs, tokens, and the metaverse.

“We’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of great content creators and brands, and a common frustration among them was the lack of control over their communities and revenue potential,” said OCAVU Co-Founder and CEO Jon Cheney. “We created the OCAVU Network to tackle this problem head on using the incredible new capabilities and paradigms of Web3 giving creators more opportunities to engage with their communities and have more control over their content and financial futures.”

The incentives that come with providing digital assets to their respective communities make the OCAVU Network a powerful tool for altering participation, attention, communication, and education within businesses. Communities are capable of issuing NFTs with authentic utility and managing/administering utility through the platform with the help of the OCAVU Utility Engine, which is part of the OCAVU Network and is the subject of a patent application. Tickets for digital or physical activities can be issued, shared, sold, and refunded as NFTs easily on the OCAVU Network.

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The Ocavu Network is also powered by the Ocavu Network Token, a utility token on the Polygon chain. The purpose of the Ocavu Network Token is to provide an on/off ramp for traditional fiat, thus enabling users’ standard credit and debit card transactions. The token also acts as a liquidity pair with other community tokens launched on the Ocavu Network as the number of communities running on the Ocavu Network increases, the value of the entire network increases as well. A full litepaper and liquidity-providing options can be seen on the Ocavu Network Token website.


OCAVU was established more than six years ago, and since then, we have been supported by the efforts of 133 dedicated workers, consultants, and investors. OCAVU launched in 2016 as “Seek.” Seek, an augmented reality treasure-hunting app, was among the first to allow location-based AR advertising. Seek’s business strategy shifted in 2018 to include cross-platform 3D deployment. To foster a sense of community and trust with their target audience, OCAVU may assist brands and influencers in creating interactive, engaging content.

About OCAVU Network

The OCAVU Network equips its users with simple tools that allow them to develop and deliver content in Web3 (including tokens, video, 3D/AR, NFTs, and more), thereby assisting brands, influencers, artists, athletes, and others in reclaiming ownership of their community, monetizing their content, and providing tangible value to their users. Unlike other social media sites, the Network gives creators full legal title to their work and the ability to earn money from it.

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