WonderHero: A New Play to Earn (P2E) MMORPG Mobile Game

WonderHero is a blockchain NFT (Non-fungible token) play to earn mobile game.

The game is a MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role playing game) for iOS and Android platforms where players can collect Heroes, enter RPG turn based combat and play to earn tokens in this post apocalyptic fantasy world.

The storyline is captivating.

In a post apocalyptic world, the human civilization has been forced to live in space. You are part of the first wave to return to this decimated planet Earth, where danger and adventure await.

There are 17 heroes to choose from, each with a unique set of skills and strengths. Players need to assemble their teams based on their skill sets and playstyle to complete the missions successfully.

A Great Team Behind WonderHero

Created by Ethan Ng and “L”, WonderHero draws inspiration from classic Japanese RPGs like Final Fantasy and uses the classic anime art style found in many of those games.

Every Hero in WonderHero possesses unique skills and properties that allow them to take on various combat roles, such as a tank role, a support role, an attack role, and combination roles with further personalized customization.

Players actively participate and strategize in combat.

Your heroes fight in real time and can be controlled by the user to attack enemies with skills, giving the game a strategic and interactive element that many MMORPGs seem to lack. No more playing an Idle RPG or one with no control.

Earn and Play With WonderHero

WonderHero enables gamers to earn rare non-fungible tokens which can be sold and traded on a peer-to-peer marketplace. Players can also earn tokens for winning battles in RPG combat. The game is available ONLY on iOS and Android platforms.

WonderHero’s mission is to let players from all walks of life participate. People who are not good at playing games can participate as sponsors and players who are passionate about playing the game can participate as scholars.

When WonderHero enters the esports phase, commentators on live matches, esports analysts, post-match esports reporters and even the audience can participate in the game via getting rewards in $WND, one of the WonderHero tokens.

Current NFT-based games face high gas fees and slow transaction speeds which compromise the user’s gaming experience.

With the increase of Play To Earn games, we’ve also seen how some successful games start to alienate newer gamers because the price of their tokens rises and becomes unaffordable to many people.

How to Earn With WonderHero

WonderHero is a Play to Earn mobile game, where players enter turn-based tactical battles and win game tokens ($WND and $HON) and NFT assets (Hero Skins, Weapons and Equipment).

Players participate in the game via PvE (Player versus Environment) or PvP (Player versus Player) rounds to earn tokens and, if they accomplish missions successfully, they get free NFT drops to further equip their team or choose to sell them on the marketplace.

Daniel Stockhus, CEO and co-founder of PolkaStarter, said,

“When we saw the WonderHero project, it was the right fit with the right kind of potential we were looking for – the timing was perfect to become Polkastarter’s first incubated project…The background of the team, coupled with its vision, convinced us that this project was the right selection. It is aligned with our latest initiative, Polkastarter Gaming, and we are so excited to grow this exciting market together.”

The main investors include Polkastarter and Morningstar Ventures with strategic investors and ecosystem partners such as X21, Icetea Labs, Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), Huobi Ventures, Yield Guild Games SEA (YGGSEA) and more.

With Polkastarter, they can build a loyal community and receive long-term support. Users of the platform will be able to participate in a secure environment and use assets both in and beyond the ERC20 standard.

Polkastarter Gaming Guild is the web3 fundraising platform’s first step at reimagining the future of blockchain gaming. With fast transaction times, and low fees, this is a winning platform.

Great Gameplay Infrastructure

WonderHero is on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and HECO chain (based on Polygon) and every one in-game transactions are free and almost instantaneous.

The fashionable generation of gamers are accustomed to a quick and seamless gaming experience. Current Play To Earn games face issues with high transaction fees and slow time intervals that’s absolutely killing the experience.

With WonderHero being as a project on the Polygon Network both these issues will be addressed. No more massive transaction fees, no more long transaction times.

In-game transactions are free!

Players can relax and just have a good time within the game without having to stress about incurring fees. With WonderHero, players come first.

Being mobile-first will empower more gamers round the world, many of whom are in dire need of a further side income. Empowering gamers by turning their gaming passion into their biggest asset.

A Great Onramp to Crypto Gaming

WonderHero wants to help crypto gamers and non-crypto savvy gamers who have an interest in being onboarded to an innovative Play To Earn game, also as gamers in need of another income.

Play to earn is a real change in how gaming works. Instead of being forced to pay monthly to play a game, this games pays gamers to participate.

You can turn your gaming passion into your biggest asset. The first Polkastarter Incubated Gaming Project, with a big ambition to make blockchain gaming a better experience for gamers, is here.

In WonderHero, every Hero, Weapon, Equipment are NFT collectibles and need the $WND and/or $HON token to get or upgrade them. Not only can they be traded in WonderHero, they act as an asset in the open market.

Invest, and Play

$WND is that the main governance token, allowing holders to possess a say within the protocol’s usage of accrued revenue and vote for the long run direction of the sport. Players can invest in the platform, and have a say in how it evolves in the future.

Players can stake their valuable NFTs or $WND to earn weekly $WND rewards. $HON Tokens may be earned as rewards by completing missions or winning battles. The higher your level, the more a player can earn.

WonderHero guarantees the fairness of rewards through a multi-layer encryption algorithm. Through the “Game Seed”, “Polygon Seed” and “Ethereum Seed”, the random algorithm is generated together to confirm the chance of cheating in a very single link and avoid the chance of predicting random results through technical means on the blockchain.

Making sure that the random results are fair and reasonable is built into the system. With all these advantages, WonderHero is set to grow.

Wonderhero brings the classic feel of the traditional RPG games to the crypto world. By keeping things simple with the users in mind, they have created a fun game that captures the creativity of anime and the fun of the games we all loved and played.

Now you can have fun while earning $WND or $HON just by playing on a platform that is inexpensive and reliable. You don’t have to get in early just to play like most P2E games.

Wonderhero makes it affordable for the crypto savvy to enter another game, or for anyone to have fun and earn. If you want to learn more about WonderHero – please click here for more!