Yield Farming with Azimuth Finance

Azimuth Finance is an innovative DEFI ecosystem that rewards $AZM holders with  passive income.

It is designed to facilitate farming, mining and creation of stable coins and other reliable  crypto assets and instruments. Azimuth Finance provides wide solutions on stable passive  earnings for both users and businesses.

The $AZM utility token powers the Azimuth Finance ecosystem, making it effective and  user friendly. $AZM is employed to reward users of the ecosystem for their online  activity.

Azimuth Finance is run by veteran developers and marketing experts. You can get  acquainted with the team on the website in the Team section.

Also, all team members  have passed KYC in the company of Novos. This suggests that the team is absolutely opened and is not afraid to take responsibility for their project to potential investors.

Another advantage of Azimuth Finance is the fact that the $AZM token smart contract  has been audited by three independent companies: TechRate, SolidityFinance and  SolidProof. All audit companies gave the highest rating to the security of the smart  contract, as well as the absence of technical flaws in the ecosystem. This is an important  aspect that investors should pay attention to, especially at the present time.

Farming as a form of passive income

On the platform Azimuth Finance offers users many opportunities for farming. Pre Launch participants can provide liquidity to existing pools and thus receive rewards in LP  tokens; they can also mint their LP tokens and additionally AZM tokens.

When adding liquidity to the pool, users receive LP tokens. When someone makes a  token exchange on the Azimuth Finance platform, a transaction fee of 0.2% is charged.  This commission is distributed among the liquidity providers in the form of a fee. The  liquidity pool will also allow users to stake their LP tokens to earn AZM tokens in the  Farming section. Therefore, in addition to earning income from token exchange  transactions, users will be able to stake LP tokens and earn AZM tokens.

In addition to this, a special mechanism called “Farming fee” is built into the smart  contract of the AZM token. It uses a commission fee of 2% of all AZM token trading  operations, distributing them among all liquidity providers. Thus, Azimuth Finance can  offer users high APR values on each liquidity pool.

Pre-launch of $AZM

Azimuth Finance starts Pre-launch on its platform. Total supply of tokens allocated at the  Pre-Launch will be 2,600,000. Price of the $AZM token for Pre-Launch participants will  be $0.35, the price of the token at the time of listing will be $0.6. By participating in the  Pre-Launch, you can purchase not only $AZM tokens, but also purchase a place in  mining and farming pools on exclusive terms. You can also become the owner of full and  lite nodes. This will allow you to receive the highest possible passive income!

For more information go to the website or social networks of the project:

🌐Website: https://azimuth-finance.com/

Our social media:

📢Channel: https://t.me/azimuth_finance_channel

🗯️Chat: https://t.me/AzimuthFinance_Chat

🐦Twitter: https://twitter.com/Azimuth_Finance

📰Medium: https://medium.com/@Azimuth_finance

👾Discord: https://discord.gg/t3BxTVmH9d


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