You Shall Not Pass This Opportunity: How OneRing Will Dominate DeFi 2.0

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Getting a good yield for your stablecoins is hard. The plethora of opportunities available in the market can be bewildering. To maximise returns, a user must employ complicated, arcane strategies, jumping between various farming opportunities across multiple protocols. Technical knowledge, market awareness, and a lot of grind is necessary to do well.

The terms, state, and ongoing health of those protocols is also subject to constant change – and the market can move quickly. New protocols can spring up on blockchains users have no idea about how to use, further adding to the timesink to do well. “Not all who wander are lost”, says Bilbo, but with DeFi – most who wander get lost fast.

Any committed yield-farmer must keep a constant, vigilant eye on their portfolio. If that sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is, and – unless you’re managing a significant portfolio – it simply isn’t worth it to the average user.

OneRing: One Place For All Your Yield

As such, nearly $8 billion is just sitting idle in crypto wallets, not earning yield. It’s a colossal waste of value that, if exploited properly, could bring benefits not just to crypto users, but to the market as a whole. 

OneRing is a protocol that makes it easy for that average user to reap the benefits of DeFi without any of the effort. A protocol that turns DeFi from a daring duel with the dynamics of on-chain environments to a simple set-and-forget money-making machine. With a few easy clicks, a user can immediately engage with a high-level DeFi strategy that earns them the yield they deserve.

OneRing is a multi-chain, cross-stable yield optimizer platform that auto-compounds interest earned. That may sound as confusing as the history of the Maiar, so let’s break it down. 

How OneRing Synthesises – and then Beats – the Market

Multi-chain means that One Ring does not simply search for yield opportunities on one blockchain, but rather scours a host of blockchains to discover protocols offering the greatest yield. This is clearly superior to yield-optimisers constrained to a single blockchain, like Autofarm. Currently, OneRing is enabled on Fantom, with Solana in Beta. Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Cardano and Polkadot integration are all coming this year.

Cross-stable means that you do not need a specific stablecoin to deposit, a far cry from most protocols – even popular ones like Yearn – that can only accommodate a specific coin. If your savings are in Tether, USDC, or DAI – it doesn’t matter; OneRing accepts them.

Perhaps most importantly, yield in the OneRing vault auto-compounds. As your deposit earns interest, that interest is immediately re-farmed through OneRing’s strategies, leading to exponential growth of assets.

Most importantly, OneRing focuses on sustainable, safe strategies. Set and forget for the most basic user is the goal. Other protocols may scream about 1000% APYs; but they will disappear in a wink of a Wizard’s eye; taking your deposit with it. OneRing’s secure vault is the opposite – safe strategies that users can withdraw from at any time.

OneRing Dwarfs Other Optimizer APYs

It all combines to offer market-beating APYs on deposits placed within the OneRing protocol, a staggering 21% is available on deposits on the Solana beta at time of writing – even as the market struggles – and peaks of 45% have been achieved through OneRing’s optimizer. The APY received changes depending on which stablecoin you deposit, and which chain you deploy your coins through, but they are consistently above 10%.

Compared to the chicken feed of just over 8% offered by AutoFarm’s basic pool – it’s a no brainer. For USDC deposits, the APYs are higher still. This is because users can choose to allocate up to 50% towards LP tokens for given pairs, and earn even more yield as a result.

Although this yield on standard stablecoin deposits is exciting, it gets better when taking into account what’s possible by staking the $RING token itself, which reduces the fees taken by the protocol for its services. Note though, that APYs listed are after protocol fees. There is no sting in the tail like other protocols – what you see is what you get. 

Those fees are pumped back into the ecosystem by buying back $RING. Holders also participate in governance, voting on what pools to add to OneRing’s overall strategy. $RING stakers can also earn exclusive NFTs on top of it all.

One and Done with OneRing

Time is money, and money makes time. As Gandalf says. “All we have to decide is what to do with the time given us”. Use your time well. Discard migraine-inducing yield-farm strategies and go straight to OneRing to get a yield that matches your ambition and deserves your deposit. Market-beating APYs, sustainable strategies and click-and-collect withdrawals, deposits and LP staking. OneRing is the one thing you need to participate in DeFi 2.0 like a pro, so head over to their website, launch their dApp, and put your idle coins to work.

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